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Interactive Resources for GREAT Science Unit Studies

science unit studies

The links on the page below are a ready resource for home schooling parents, teachers, and curious students in relation to specific topics. The sites can be used as resources for science unit studies. They can also be used along with any science curriculum as learning reinforcement.

All links lead to high-quality, content rich sites with an emphasis on visual and interactive features. The interactive sites will meet diverse student learning needs. That’s because graphics, animation, and interactivity are important for audio-visual learning.

If you’re looking for grade-level science curricula, please refer to one of these pages:

Elementary/Middle School Science Curriculum

High School Science Curriculum

While obtaining my Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Technology, I assembled this list as a project for one of my classes. However, my intention is to retain the content long-term to help homeschoolers pull together science unit studies. I, myself, am a home schooling parent who has visual-learners who wanted science unit studies that are interactive and engaging.

Science is a subject that fascinates many children with learning disabilities, including mine! Science is often a subject they can master through natural learning.

Science is a very hands-on, manipulative subject. Science unit studies can easily be taught with experiments, models, dynamic videos, etc. By selecting curriculum and resources that will help your child explore science, rather than memorize facts, your child can become a science leader.

This section of Learning Abled Kids is a bit different than most sections. The pages linked to in the menu below contain lists of dynamic, or interactive, science websites with descriptions. When your child is learning about any of these topics, you can let your child explore the websites in a hands-on, interactive manner.

If you know of any great virtual science experiences, particularly if you have lists of sites that are great for science unit studies, feel free to email them to me. I will add the topic and interactive sites to the list. That will help other children with learning disabilities who are interested in the same science unit studies.

NOVA DVDs & Videos – Great content on a variety of science unit studies. For visual learners, in particular, this video series helps explain modern scientific exploration and concepts. The detailed, step-by-step process of exploration helps make concepts understandable and the colorful videography engages even “reluctant” learners. This series is particularly wonderful for middle to high school aged children, although even at an upper elementary age our children were able to gain a lot of concept knowledge from the series.

You will notice the site is decidedly Christian in nature. As such, you will find the selected sites are of high quality, kid friendly, and generally free of banner-type advertising. There are a few exceptions, but these have been noted in my descriptions. Additionally, I am proudly Christian and, as a home schooling parent, have the freedom to teach towards my beliefs. You will note I have included resources to provide exposure to other beliefs as well, but creation science is the primary focus.

Science Unit Studies Topics:

I’ve gathered links to several interactive since unit studies sites to help your child learner science.CurrClick

If you have any science unit studies sites you believe will fit well with the goals for Learning Abled Kids, or have any difficulties with links, please feel free to email me at: dyslexia parent (yahoo dot com).

Homeschool Science Unit Studies Page

Be sure to check out our MAIN Science Unit Studies Page for a list of many additional science topics for kids. Each topic page has links to interactive, audio-visual websites and optional resources to help you with your homeschool science.

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