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Our Learning Disabilities Support Groups goal is to provide POSITIVE, and helpful support to you if you are trying to overcome your child’s learning struggles through homeschooling, after-schooling, or on a tutorial basis.

Our groups don’t help with special education, non-compliance issues in public schools. Simply put: If your child is in public school, you are not in control of your child’s education there. If you’re dealing with a public school, you’ll find helpful information in our Special Education Guidebook for Educationally Involved Parents of Children with LDs.

Here’s what some of our Learning Disabilities Support Groups members are saying:

“I’m so excited I found this group. At first I thought it would be like all the other issue specific groups. But after my first digest read, I’ve gotten a lot of questions answered, and with website or book recommendations to boot! So glad that everyone isn’t just complaining about there kid here. Love it. Thank you. Lisa”

“I have gotten more information from this group than ANY other place. Even my homeschooling group was not as much help as this group! Tracey” “I appreciate being a part of this group so much – you all inspire me, encourage me & make me know I’m not alone.” Chris “I have been a member of this group as a parent of a child with a LD. Everyone here  has helped me with my struggle in getting a ‘real’ diagnosis and trying to determine the best choices for my son and my family.” Melissa

About Our Learning Disabilities Support Groups:


Learning Abled Kids’ Learning Disabilities Support Groups Vision:

LearningAbledKids is a group where all children with learning difficulties are valued and where parents provide the best education available through understanding of the child’s learning strengths, difficulties, and needs.

Learning Abled Kids’ Learning Disabilities Support Groups Mission:

To provide a place where parents receive positively-focused support and solutions from other experienced parents who relate to their passion for education, and who share difficulty in providing meaningful educational experiences for their children struggling with learning.

Learning Abled Kids’ Learning Disabilities Support Groups Values:

1) Every child deserves the best education his/her parents can reasonably provide or obtain; 2) Parents of children with learning difficulties are usually “parents under stress” who will benefit from positive-energy, nurturing support, and understanding from other people; 3) Creative solutions and ideas for helping children learn can be generated by sharing experiences with varied curriculum, programs, resources, and other learning-centered resources; 4) All former experiences can be framed in a positive reference by focusing on actions taken which resulted in a good outcome, or by focusing on skills learned through the experience; 5) When facing challenges alone, as a single thread, it is difficult for parents to have the energy and stamina to continually meet the ongoing needs of struggling children. By sharing the experience with other similar parents in a Learning Disabilities Support Group we can become as a strong cord, bound together and strengthened for as long as necessary. We are not a Learning Disabilities Support Group for dealing with public school issues or non-compliance with special education needs.  There are many other great support groups out there for this purpose.  I suggest visiting, Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc. (COPAA), or joining the IEPGuide Yahoo! Group for additional information on dealing with difficulties in public schools.

If you’re the parent of a learning ABLED child (and they all are).. Join our Learning Abled Kids’ Support Group! Ask questions & get support. Powered by



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