Aug 162013
Steven Spielberg Dyslexia and Famous People with Dyslexia

Steven Spielberg Dyslexia Inspiration! Although he wasn’t diagnosed until he was well into his adult life and career as a famous movie director, Steven Spielberg has dyslexia. He was bullied in school like so many kids, including my son.  Steven Spielberg wasn’t homeschooled, but he had great supportive parents, and I thought his story was worth sharing for encouragement to students struggling with dyslexia and bullying. Steven Spielberg went to college, but ended up dropping out of college mid-way through. He did go back years later to finish his degree–HOORAY for him! I ran across this video of an interview with Steven […]

Jul 102013

Let us look at the lives of some famous homeschooled people, in particular girls who can bring us inspiration in home schooling our girls.. If you have a boy, check out our Famous Homeschoolers : Boys page. Famous Homeschooled People (Stories Upcoming): Akiane Beck Pearl S. Buck Agatha Christie Joan of Arc Florence Nightingale Clara Barton Venus and Serena Williams

Jul 102013
Famous Homeschoolers : Inspirational Characters for Boys

Look at the lives of some famous homeschoolers who are boys. They can provide inspiration for your home schooled boys. If you have a girl, check out our Famous Homeschooled People : Girls page. Whether you have a boy or girl, you may find the homeschooled teens book (pictured) to be inspirational! It is inspirational reading for homeschooling moms or dads, and for pre-teens or teens. Famous Homeschoolers Stories: Ansel Adams Thomas Edison Other Famous Homeschoolers: Albert Einstein Alexander Graham Bell Leonardo da Vinci Christopher Paolini Orville Wright & Wilbur Wright Claude Monet Theordore Roosevelt Woodrow Wilson Franklin Delano Roosevelt […]

Jul 102013
Ansel Adams : Homeschooled and had Difficulty in School

Did you know Ansel Adams may have had a specific learning disability? Ansel Adams was homeschooled and had difficulty with memorization. Ansel Adams didn’t do well in traditional school and hated it!! Many of us are curious about famous people that were homeschooled, and we can learn how to better embrace our kids and their individual needs by looking at the lives of famous people who struggled in traditional school. Who knows? Is your child artistic? Homeschooling might help build those skills! Let Ansel’s story be an encouragement for you and your child: Ansel Easton Adams was a gifted artist […]

Jul 102013
Thomas Edison : Homeschooled Child with Learning Disabilities

Thomas Edison was one of the most famous homeschoolers ever! I was APPALLED when I first read that Thomas Edison was basically tossed out of school at the age of 12 because he was “too dull” to succeed academically. Needless to say, we all know differently today! Thomas Edison’s educational history and life can be a great inspiration to your child, particularly if your child struggles with academic learning. Thomas Edison struggled too, but he achieved great things! For all practical purposes, Thomas Edison was homeschooled. After he was dismissed from his school, Thomas’ mom helped him set up experiments […]