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The Study of Land Science and Earth Science – Resource Sites for Kids

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Missouri Botanical Gardens’ Biomes of the World – This site has tons of colorful photos, explanations, and geographical information. The resources here make this site a great content site for learning about our earth. Each biome section contains information about plants and animals in the region. It also includes a lot of interesting facts. Freshwater and Marine ecosystems are included in this earth science exploration!

Cornell University’s “Discover Our Earth” – Learn about plate tectonics, topography, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Discover Our Earth has sections for students and teachers to allow you to plan a complete unit study about the earth’s geological features. Colorful graphics and photos make help visual learners retain this earth science information.

Polar Husky Expedition – Share in an online Arctic Adventure, with an educational exploration of Nunavut. Videos, maps, and adventure updates help explorers feel like they are on the adventure themselves. This is a fun site to visit regularly, especially if your child loves earth science!

United States Geological Survey’s Earthquakes Learning Center – Everything anyone could need or want to know about earthquakes including recent quakes. The site covers questions and answers. It has a lot of online activities and articles about earth science. There isn’t much a child could want to know about earthquakes that wouldn’t be covered here!

Cascades Volcano Observatory’s “Learn About Volcanoes” – As a geological feature of our earth, volcanos are fascinating to kids and interesting to study. Questions about volcanoes are answered by geologists. There are a lot of photographs that provide visual learning. This site is a linear learning site where your child will navigate using a “next” button.

To see where volcanoes in the USA are located, visit this website to view interactive maps and information about Geology which links back to the USGS site.

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Be sure to check out our MAIN Science Page for a list of many additional science topics for kids. Each topic page has links to interactive, audio-visual websites and optional resources to help you with your homeschool science.

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