Jan 122014
Standardized Test Practice: How to Prepare Your Child for Testing

Parents worry about required testing at the end of each school year, but you can reduce your child’s anxiety and improve his testing performance with Standardized Test Practice. There are steps you can take to make sure your child understands how to take a standardized test, is ready for the test, and to make sure your child is willing to put forth his best effort. Standardized Test Practice Step #1: Have Your Child Practice standardized test taking skills: If your child is in public school, they’ll probably have the students practice standardized test taking skills, but if your child is […]

Aug 022013
Neuropsychological Testing and Cross-body Patterning

Return to Questions Q: Please give me your opinion about using any of these services: 1) Neuropsychological Testing through the school system 2) Pediatrician 3) Neurodevelopment Training Answer: 1. Testing through the school system — This is an “okay” option, but the testing is not neuropsychological testing. Testing is usually performed by a school psychologist, who has much less training than a neuropsychologist. Our school system’s testing, and many other school systems’ testing, is severely lacking in thoroughness and quality. The school systems generally administer a few tests and pronounce their results in a very short report.. less than two […]

Aug 022013
Learning Disabilities Testing : I don't want my child labeled!

Return to Questions Q: I don’t want my child ‘labeled’. Why should I have learning disabilities testing? Answer: I recommend every parent of a child who seems to have learning disabilities obtain professional learning disabilities testing by a neuropsychologist or psychoeducational evaluator.  While a “diagnosis” or “label” is part of the outcome, the label is NOT the important part of your child’s learning disabilities testing results. The important information, for any parent, whether you are homeschooling or have your child in public school, is the insight into your child’s learning strengths, learning style, learning disabilities, learning processes, etc.  All of […]

Feb 062013
Choices for a Comprehensive Educational Evaluation

There are basically two options for getting an Educational Evaluation for your child–the public school system or a private practitioner (educational psychologist or neuropsychologist.) A neuropsychologist is your most qualified option. Option #1: Publicly Paid For Educational Evaluation The public school system is required, by law, to provide an educational evaluation for any child suspected of having a learning disability at no cost to you. However, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” almost always applies. The school system will test your child and tell you if she has a learning disability in whatever area of disability […]

Jan 012013
Stanford Achievement Test versus Iowa Standardized Test (ITBS)

Stanford Achievement Test VS Iowa Standardized Test – Which is best for kids with LDs? Parents of Learning Abled Kids often wonder whether the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) or the Stanford Achievement test is the better choice for their child’s required annual standardized testing. In addition to standardized test preparation for your child, you will want to consider the following information before picking one of the standardized tests. Stanford Achievement Test VS Iowa Standardized Test : Timed Testing Differences Timed testing can be a significant issue for children with slow processing or reading speeds. The Stanford Achievement Test is technically […]