Jul 182014
Processing Speed and Working Memory Training for Kids

Do you want to improve your child’s attention, executive functioning, processing speed, and working memory? Processing Speed and Working Memory Training can help your child overcome cognitive issues at home. Aside from the fact that research shows cognitive enhancement programs improve a child’s processing speed, attention, working memory, etc., helping your child at home brings good results because: 1) At home, your child can be given adequate time to process information and think at his or her own processing speed. Working with your child at home can eliminate interference with the memory storage process that takes longer in a child […]

Jun 142014
Parenting ADHD Behaviors : Impulsivity and Defiance

Parenting ADHD Behaviors requires a different way of thinking. When you tell your child NOT to do something, does he turn right around and do it? Do you feel like your child never listens and does the very things you tell him not to? If your child has ADHD, he probably DOES exactly what you tell him not to do!!  EXASPERATING, isn’t it?!! SO, how do you get your child to behave and do what you say? Parenting ADHD Behaviors can be a lot easier than you think! There are two aspects of ADHD that play into your child’s tendency […]

Apr 292014
Summer School Curriculum Learning Regression Prevention: Power Hour

What Summer School Curriculum should you use to keep your child from forgetting what he learned during the summer? Do you want to help your child get ahead during the summer time? Using carefully selected Summer School Curriculum can keep your child moving forward with his learning. One thing I learned through my Special Education Advocacy training is that learning regression during the summer is a major issuefor kids with learning disabilities.  It’s difficult for Learning Abled Kids to learn things in the first place. It is so EASY for them to forget what they’ve learned during the summer.  Therefore, daily […]

Jan 042014
Organization Tips and Ideas for Your Disorganized Child

You CAN teach your child to be organized through the use of these three Organization Tips and five Organization Ideas. If your child is chronically disorganized, it can be a real challenge for your child to be successful in school. Organizational skills are not typically taught in school, so your child will benefit if you step in to help with these organization tips. Three Essential Organization Tips for Organized Kids: The main skills you need to teach your child to help him become more organized include – Organization Tip #1: Use established routines for every day practices to build habits. […]

Sep 102013

For Kids with Autism Social Skills Are A Challenge There is a fascinating new study out, which shows children with high functioning autism demonstrate improving autism social skills over time.  John Foxe, Ph.D., says the evidence “suggests that whatever is broken can be fixed.” He speculates that if we can provide targeted multisensory integration therapies, we may be able to help children with autism by improving social skills at an earlier age. The study, conducted at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, included over 230 children from ages 6 to 18 and showed that children diagnosed with high functioning autism demonstrate […]

Sep 032013

Programs for overcoming learning disabilities can help your child can learn. If your child is struggling with schooling, whether in public school or homeschooled, you can help him with a carefully selected, properly implemented program. You can pull information together to create an educational that will help your child learn better and faster. I am here to help you pull an educational plan together for your child.  If you homeschool, you can implement the plan easily.  If your child is in traditional school, you’ll have to convince your school’s administrators to implement and follow the plan. My main goal HERE […]

Aug 282013
What Dyslexia is Like for Children With Dyslexia?

Do you ever wonder, “What dyslexia is like?” If you have a child with dyslexia, understanding what dyslexia is like for your child will help you work with your child better. Since parents sometimes think their kids are just NOT trying hard enough. Knowing what your child is experiencing will help you teach your child better. Children with dyslexia are often gifted at thinking outside the box. However, their unique minds affect their reading skills. Often kids with dyslexia have difficulty with other subjects besides reading. Their brains are different, so information processing can be affected in in unexpected ways. Watch […]

Aug 022013
Teaching Strategies for Teaching Kids with Dyslexia

One of the most commonly asked questions is: “What kind of teaching strategies should I use with my child? He has dyslexia.” Teaching a child with dyslexia to read is complicated issue requiring more explanation. After you read this page, you can find more information on dyslexia and programs in the Learning Abled Kids’ READING section. As far as Teaching Strategies go, a child who has dyslexia requires instruction aside from typical books and papers. Multi-Sensory instruction is one of the best teaching strategies for almost anyone. There are several good reasons to avoid focusing on one “style” when teaching […]

Aug 012013
Dyslexia Definition and Symptoms of Dyslexia

There is SOOO MUCH Confusion about the Dyslexia Definition! Is the Dyslexia Definition THAT difficult to understand? … NO! Does your child have TRUE dyslexia, or perhaps some OTHER condition causing his difficulty in learning to read? Not all problems that manifest themselves in an inability to read are ‘dyslexia’, so it’s important for you to put on your detective cap. Consider the possible causes of reading difficulties, which are not all dyslexia. Dictionary Dyslexia Definition The dictionary Dyslexia Definition is basically “difficulty with words” or “difficulty with reading.” SO, by the dictionary definition of dyslexia, any child who has […]