Jul 232013
Virtual High School Programs : Homeschooling High School

Are you looking for a comprehensive, virtual high school program for homeschooling your child?  Using a virtual high school program can be a great in-between way to homeschool through high school! Pros and Cons of Virtual High School Programs Many of the virtual high school providers are “public school at home” programs through a charter school agreement. Using any publicly funded program, where you do not pay for the school, isn’t actually homeschooling. Your child will be enrolled in a public school offered as a virtual high school if it is a paid-for, public charter school. If your child is enrolled in a public school […]

Jul 122013
High School Homeschool Curriculum Options For You

SO Your High School Homeschool Years Have ARRIVED! 😀 Congratulations! Or should I offer my condolences? CONGRATULATIONS, INDEED on reaching your high school homeschool years! Although you may be shaking in your shoes with the thought of a High School Homeschool, YOU can do this! Even if you are eager to forge ahead, high school homeschool can be a challenge with your learning abled kid. Many parents are intimidated by subjects like Algebra, Chemistry, and Economics.  Take heart.. There are MANY good options for providing a high school homeschool education for your child. The pages in this section will help you navigate through your options for high […]

Jul 122013
Homeschool High School Programs and Paths for YOU

What are your Homeschool High School options? You have choices! Your Homeschool High School Options Include: You can Homeschool High School through one of the accredited homeschool programs, Have your child to earn a high school diploma through an unaccredited homeschool program, You can Homeschool High School, then create your own transcript and a portfolio, or Have your child take the G.E.D. to prove he has reached the necessary level of educational competence. To Accredit or Not? If you choose the first homeschool high school option, you will find homeschoolers who don’t feel an accredited diploma is ‘necessary’, and it […]

Jul 122013
Accredited Homeschool Programs : Homeschooling High School Options

ALL About Accredited Homeschool Programs as options for your high school student. Learn about accreditation and find accredited homeschool programs. This article is all about accreditated homeschool programs. After you understand the pros and cons for using accreditated homeschool programs, you may find our lists of homeschool high school options helpful: Virtual High School Programs for Homeschooling High School Distance Education Programs for Homeschooling High School What is an Accredited Homeschool Program? To become accredited homeschool programs, the program undergoes an examination. The accrediting agency examines the school, comparing it against a set of standards, to determine if the institution […]

Jul 122013
Free Online High School : Open Courseware Homeschooling

Free Online High School through Open Courseware There is a new move to make courses available via “open” courseware. Many of these new programs provide “open enrollment”. Open Courseware provides academic courses free to anyone for use in learning. Usually there are no explicit ‘credits’ earned. Neither is there a high school diploma granted through the use of open courseware. The courses are “just” courses. However, open courseware is great if you need a free online high school option. Through open courseware, you can find courses about a wide variety of topics. You can pull courses together and create your own […]

Jul 122013

Correspondence Schools for Your Child’s Homeschool Diploma Correspondence Schools allow you to homeschool your child while submitting evidence of work completion to a company who will ‘certify’ your child’s progress. When your child has finished the entire course of study, the Correspondence Schools will issue a diploma. They will also handle your child’s transcript for college applications. With any of these Correspondence Schools, be sure to verify the school has accreditation if you want an accredited high school program. It is your responsibility to verify the Correspondence Schools accreditation at the time of your application/ You also need to be […]

Jul 122013
Online Colleges for Homeschool College Options

Online Colleges for Continuing Your Child’s Homeschool Education: If your child is ready to go to college, online colleges are easier to manage for students with Specific Learning Disabilities. Also, check out the current edition of K&W Guide Colleges for Students With Learning Disabilities. This book can help you find the latest disabilities friendly Online Colleges. (Click on book cover to the right). Attending one of the ‘disability friendly’ online colleges can make the difference between success, frustration, or even failure. This is especially true for the first two years of required core courses. Attending a small, friendly online college can help your child […]

May 082013
College Students with Learning Disabilities Accommodations

College Students with Learning Disabilities SO your child has made it through high school! It’s awesome when our kids are supported well enough (as they SHOULD BE) to make it to college. However, that doesn’t mean making it to college will enable your child to make it through college. Whether your child has ADHD, dyslexia, Asperger’s, or any other disability, college students with learning disabilities usually need support to succeed. You can make sure your child gets the help he needs. It’s good to start by insuring your child has a current comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation. Having a current evaluation allows […]