Jan 302014
Written Expression Woes and What To Do About Them:

If your child has dyslexia or dysgraphia, then spelling and writing ARE going to be difficult for your child. However, there is a really quick way to improve your child’s written expression in a very short time period, but I know some mommas aren’t going to like this quick trick! Why Your Child Struggles Mightily With Written Expression: Reading requires recognition skills (your child sees the word and then figures it out), but writing (and spelling) require much more involved mental processes because your child has to hold a LOT of information in his head: the sentence he wants to […]

Jul 102013
Writing Programs to Homeschool a Child with Dysgraphia or Dyslexia

DO you need a Writing program for Dysgraphia? Do you need a visual and/or hands-on method for teaching writing skills to your child? Recommended homeschooling writing programs for children who struggle with writing, written expression or dysgraphia Can you teach your child at home? YES! When your child has learned to write letters with proper formation, spacing, and with relative ease, you will undoubtedly want to develop his writing skills more fully. This section will help you explore the options for home remediation through inexpensive writing programs and to help your child overcome a dislike for writing. Dysgraphia and Written […]

Jul 102013
Writing Assistive Technology for Children with Dysgraphia

Writing Assistive Technology can help your child SUCCEED with composition writing. Does your child struggle with writing and spelling in spite of educational help? Have you reached a point where continuing to work on basic writing skills seems fruitless? Guess what? There’s HOPE with Writing Assistive Technology! Providing your child with writing assistive technology will help your child create great written compositions. His responses match his thought levels because Writing Assistive Technology can encourage your child to write more. Writing Assistive Technology is a great way to let your learning abled child work at grade level in science, social studies, […]

Jul 102013
Learning Handwriting : HOW-To Teach a Child with Dysgraphia

Learning Handwriting For A Child with Dysgraphia. If your child has dysgraphia, you know teaching your child to write legibly is difficult. Even when your child works hard learning handwriting, progress can seem minimal. Writing a readable composition is affected by two components of dysgraphia: One is handwriting and the other is the organization and planning of good writing. If your child has difficulty in either handwriting or organizing the writing, he will have difficulty writing. This is true even when your child is writing short stories or compositions.  If your child’s difficulty is with learning handwriting, he may have difficulty with visual-motor integration, […]

Jul 102013
Composition Writing for Kids with Learning Disabilities (Dysgraphia)

Composition Writing Can Be FUN! If your child “hates” composition writing, you will want to SERIOUSLY consider the Institute for Excellence In Writing (IEW) Student Writing Intensive (SWI) courses and **Student Writing Intensive Continuation Course (SWICC). I can’t possibly describe the IEW programs adequately enough. Although the SWI course was sent to me for review, I personally purchased the SWICC for our use. We had such great success with composition writing by using the first level. The Institute for Excellence In Writing‘s programs are the best of all I’ve used for converting reluctant writers into willing writers. IEW’s step-by-step, detailed […]

Jul 102013
Improving Writing Skills for Kids with Dysgraphia

Are you looking for homeschool curriculum for improving writing skills? Is your child struggling with writing sklls? Does your child have symptoms of dysgraphia? Writing is one of the most difficult skills for a child with learning disabilities to master. It was a significant challenge for us, but we overcame! On this page I share information about the programs we used for improving writing skills in our boys. I also share information about programs other parents like for helping their struggling writers. A Little About Homeschool Curriculum for Improving Writing Skills When teaching your child writing skills, you need a […]