Dec 052015
What's the Best Curriculum for ADHD? Dyslexia? Aspergers?

Today’s frequently asked question: “What’s the best curriculum for ADHD?” Dyslexia? Aspergers? Truthfully, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all curriculum for kids with ADHD. Kids with ADHD vary widely in their learning preferences and cognitive needs. SO, determining What’s the Best Curriculum for ADHD, is not as easy as it may seem. Generally speaking, kids with ADHD tend to be hands-on and visual learners. They are typically not auditory learners. That’s just a generality though. Any individual child can have any learning style. As a general options for programs, I have audio-visual programs listed at: Those programs tend to be great for kids who […]

Oct 302014
Learning ABLED Kids: Can Kids with Learning Disabilities learn?

YES! Learning ABLED Kids CAN Learn! Did you know being ABLE to learn is part of the diagnosis for having learning disability? UDEMY COURSE: How to teach children with learning disabilities A child must have an IQ in the low average IQ to a genius IQ range to be diagnosed with a learning disability. That means, your child must be ABLE to learn. However, your child struggles in some area(s) of learning. What can a learning ABLED kid learn? Think about when your child was little for a moment: Did your child learn his name? Did your child learn to […]

Oct 212014
Socially Inept : How to Improve Your Child's Social Skills

If your child is socially inept, you know how painful that can be for your child.  The GREAT NEWS is: Social Skills Can Be Taught Your child does not have to remain socially inept. For kids with specific learning disabilities involving executive functioning, an inability to read body language, or ADHD, awareness is the key. Children on the Autism spectrum can be taught social skills too, but progress will vary widely with the child’s severity of autism. If your child is on the high functioning end of the spectrum, you will have better outcomes than can be made with a […]

Jul 292014
Student Retention and School Neglect Practices for Kids with Dyslexia

Student Retention is one of the most popular practices for “helping” kids with dyslexia in schools. Unfortunately, student retention is a bad practice. It is NOT supported by research. Simply put, public schools commit gross failures to educate children with dyslexia, especially when student retention is one of their common practices. Why do public schools, the very institutions who are supposed to know how to teach kids, do such a bad job of teaching kids with dyslexia? I contend the failure of students with dyslexia is rooted in the educational establishment’s antiquated ignorance. They are stuck with stinking thinking, limiting mindsets, and antiquated practices. The beliefs […]

Jul 182014
Kindle Unlimited : Is it GREAT for Homeschoolers?

See Kindle Unlimited (Select) Books! Can you imagine what this means for the ever-changing needs of homeschoolers to have unlimited access to books? Not to mention, how will kindle unlimited enable you to meet the reading needs of your child for one low, monthly cost? My Thoughts On Kindle Unlimited My first thought tonight is that Kindle Unlimited will enable homeschoolers to acquire a large number of books to try out before buying. Having kindle unlimited will allow you to preview books before giving them to your kids. You can avoid the cost of purchasing each book. The main “catch” here is that the books have […]

Jun 282014
Is Homeschooling a Child with Learning Disabilities a Good Idea?

The NCLB has a post of “questions that parents should address to ensure that their child’s learning and behavioral needs are being met”  when considering homeschoolng, but I think the NCLB presents bias-based questioning against Homeschooling a Child with Learning Disabilities. What do you think? NCLD Poses Question #1 for parents to ask themselves before homeschooling: “Do I really want to take full responsibility for my child’s academic learning?”  Do most parents of children with learning disabilities really “want” to take full responsibility for their child’s education? Probably not before they start homeschooling, but sometimes it is necessary for parents […]

May 172014
Overcoming Dyslexia via Homeschooling : Our Success Story

Overcoming Dyslexia through Homeschooling was Easier Than We Expected! My name is Sandy, and I’m the owner of Learning Abled Kids and the Learning Abled Kids’ Support Group.  I’m sharing our story of overcoming dyslexia through homeschooling as an encouragement for you. I’m sharing the stories of my boys separately because each of their stories is different.. Each story may speak to a different mom–maybe this story of overcoming dyslexia will encourage you. 😉 Question: Have you homeschooled from the beginning? Sandy: “No, we actually started out sending our son to public school and had no intention of homeschooling.” Question: What […]

Nov 142013

Parent Support: The Story It happened again today. I always attribute it to God putting me in the right place at the right time to provide parent support to desperate moms. I was out running errands, and I had not intended to, but I decided to stop and grab lunch on my way home since I have a busy afternoon ahead. My lunch arrived and I had just begun eating when a woman walked in the restaurant and asks the first person she sees, “Is that your green car out there?” I knew instantly, she was looking for me. The […]

Oct 012013
Reading Software & Math Software: 2013 New Releases & Bestsellers

Bestselling, In Demand Children’s Reading Software: Reading for Literacy v2 Bundle [Download] Designed to develop your child’s key reading skills. The reading ages and focus of the activities progress from title to title moving from literal to inferred meanings, simple vocabulary to complex, and word recognition to comprehension. This Reading Software bundle contains 810 activities arranged in 162 sequenced units of work, with every level complementing the rest in the series to create a sequenced learning package. Each unit explores a specific text type. The educational content has been developed by experienced educators and is based on the curriculum for […]