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The Study of Chemistry for Kids – Resource Sites

chemistry for kids

Chemistry can be a fun topic to learn. Interactive and free resources are abundant on the Internet. If your child needs to begin with basic information about Chemistry, I’d recommend a visit to “Chem4Kids“. This website has basic information about molecules, elements, atoms, and reactions. The site is simple, with text-based pages and easily understood diagrams which makes it an ideal chemistry for kids site.

Free chemistry for kids worksheets, activities, and resources can be found on the website Creative Chemistry. This site has fun online animations, projects, quizzes, and more than you’ll be able to do in days, weeks, or months!

There are several fun, interactive periodic tables available online for students to explore. By playing with these tables, your scholar will reinforce his learning. Tell your child to look for elements that interest him. He can take note of things that make that element ‘special’ or different to him. That is one way to make chemistry for kids more engaging to your child.

Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Chemistry Division’s Periodic Table of Elements is a great chemistry for kids resource. Your child can click on the elements to learn more about them.

Corrosion Source is a different way to look at chemical processes. Studying chemistry for kids in this way helps kids understand chemical reactions.

FunBrain has a fun periodic table your child can use to quiz his knowledge of the periodic table of elements. There are easy, medium, and difficult levels. Your child can practice symbols and atomic weights at this fun chemistry for kids site.

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