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Dinosaurs Science Resource Sites for Kids

If your child LOVES dinosaurs, like my son did, you can feed your child’s curiosity with these resource sites.

dinosaurs sciencedinosaurs

Walking With Dinosaurs – This may be the best dino site on the web. This site is interactive, animated, and searchable. It has a great index and tons of information.  While other sites provide entertainment learning, this site goes beyond as a knowledge base.

Encyclopeadia Britannica’s Discovering Dinosaurs – Covers the environment, anatomy, behaviour and physiology of dinos. Their dino grid lets children explore discoveries easily. The site covers dinos since they were first discovered in the early 1800’s. Animated images make this site fun for kids. The additional resources will help teachers build complete learning units.

National Geographic’s Dinorama – Colorful pictures and animated content make this a fun site. The content is basic. It is not extensive, but the simple site is highly appealing to children. This won’t be a site you’ll use for research projects because there is not enough depth here. However, kids will learn neat facts while exploring the Dinorama.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery – A fun site presented with colorful drawings, movies, and dino adventures. It has many articles to the delight of children exploring the world of dinosaurs. This site uses a question & answer format. It also provides content through exploration rather than through research. This site also presents dinosaurs from a Christian perspective.

NOVA’s Curse of the T.Rex – This site asks the visitor questions. Learning takes place by learning the correct or incorrect answers. Photographs of fossils provide a realistic image of paleontology finds. The content covers rocks and other life present during prehistoric times. This site is not extensive, but makes a great “quick” activity for exploration.

Wheeling Jesuit University’s Dinosaur Floor (and prehistoric explorations of the earth) – What happened to the dinosaurs? What was the earth like when dinosaurs lived? This site is an animated, interactive presentation of possibilities. Different theories on the disappearance of dinosaurs are presented. Some of the resource links don’t work, but the content itself is worth the visit.

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