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Creationism Science Resource Sites for Kids

creationism science

Creation Super Library – A super clearinghouse of scientific information on the study of evolution, the origin of species, and the origin of man. The site has answers to multiple questions about the study of the origins of life. This site has content from several scientists and is scientifically based. Articles are also provided in a variety of languages which can be used for language studies as well!

Answers in Genesis – Articles about everything creation oriented. The index is comprehensive. The articles come from a variety of sources. While the founding organization is based in Australia, the Board members are from around the world. The organization was formed to provide solid information for defending creationism.

Institute for Creation Research – Advanced-level information on creation research for high-schoolers and above. This site provides the latest scientific information regarding the great debate between creationism and evolution. The content is provided by a variety of practicing scientific researchers. Information is conveyed primarily through articles, but resource links provide useful learning tools as well.

Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia – Facts, terms, and articles about science, the study of evolution, and complexities of creation vs. evolution theory. This is interesting reading material. It makes great food for thought for anyone. It is difficult to read the scientific facts and not consider the weight they hold. For inquiring minds who want to know why we believe in creationism, this site holds many answers.

Creation Research, Science Education Foundation – Layman’s explanations of concepts such as carbon-14 dating, evolution, naming conventions for creatures, etc. This site does not have a lot of heavy-duty content, but the explanations it has are worth reading.

PBS’s Evolution Theory – A site that thoroughly presents the evolution side of the argument of man’s creation. It is visually appealing, with high quality animations and online video presentations. This site provides high-quality support for the theory of evolution. Even within this site, Creationism is addressed through round-table discussions with scientists.

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Be sure to check out our MAIN Science Page for a list of many additional science topics for kids. Each topic page has links to interactive, audio-visual websites and optional resources to help you with your homeschool science.

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