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Discovery Science Resource Sites for Kids

discovery science for kids

BBC’s Science & Nature – Hands down, my favorite INTERACTIVE site for exploration learning. There are 3-D Flash “games” which are awesome for visual learners. If you want true hands-on learning using the computer, this site should meet your every need. Assemble a person with the Interactive Body, watch a Flash presentation on the history of man’s understanding of the solar system, or go deep sea diving in the Abyss in the Blue Planet challenge. If you want to EXPLORE Science, this covers everything and is the site to visit!

Discovery School – This is my favorite general site for science related lesson plans. The Discovery School lesson plans have applied standards, so the plans are of consistently high quality. There are activities, resources, interactive elements, and full plans which are easy to search using the Discovery School search engine. You can locate plans by topic or grade-level. I like this site because it is easy to locate what I need, and when I find the information, it is quite usable “as is”.

Scholastic Teacher’s – This learning center contains content in every subject area. This link will take you directly to the Science resources page. Scholastic offers printable plans and worksheets, has links to lots of topic related resources, and activity ideas. While there is a lot of content, you do have to do some searching to find exactly what you need.

Exploratorium – The museum of science, art and human perception online, containing a variety of topics, and types of content. Images, explanations, and activities can be explored by kids and parents can use plans and ideas in the “Educate” section for teaching.

KidsClick! – Offered by the Ramapo Catskill Library System, this site has links to all KINDS of information. While you have to explore to find what you want, there are links to every topic under the sun. The site is created by librarians and organized by topic. This is not specifically a science site, but is an excellent resource for finding sites that are (or sites about anything else you wish to study!)

Homeschool Science Unit Studies Page

Be sure to check out our MAIN Science Page for a list of many additional science topics for kids. Each topic page has links to interactive, audio-visual websites and optional resources to help you with your homeschool science.

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