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MEDtropolis Virtual Body – Animated images of body systems and organ functioning. There aren’t a LOT of organ system choices, but the ones that are available are excellent. You can explore the brain, skeleton, digestive system, and heart functioning. The animated images are worth looking at because they aid understanding and will be of benefit to virtually every learner.

Intellimed’s Innerbody Human Anatomy – I love the animated graphics which show bodily functioning, the 3-D images, and interactive body diagrams.. I hate the flashy banners! While I have not included any other sites with these advertising banners, the content on this site is valuable and unique. If you can overlook the advertisements, your child really enjoy exploring the human body interactively.

BBC’s Interactive Human Body – Interactive games with organ systems. Students can assemble bones and muslces, study the senses, nervous system, and puberty. The computer generated images areof high quality, thus you may want to screen the puberty images for acceptable use with your children prior to turning them loose on the site. 😉 Otherwise, the site content is excellent for “hands-on” exploration.

Neuroscience for Kids – This site is maintained by a Ph.D. at the University of Washington. It has information about the human nervous system and includes resources for students as well as teachers. Graphics aid in conceptual understanding, and content reading is the bulk of the site. The reading level is variable, but most suited to middle and high school level students.


Human Anatomy

Online Human Anatomy Resources:

Human Anatomy & Physiology Study Course – This is a top-selling, Human Anatomy and Physiology course designed to help potential health care professionals (EMTs, nurses, therapists, medical students, etc.) pass required certification exams. It is a comprehensive course with hundreds of illustrations. This is a high quality, affordable course that can easily count for a high school anatomy course. The advertising hype SAYs you can cover everything in three days, but I’m betting that’s if you’ve already had anatomy training. This course is good to go through from scratch to learn everything, but it will probably take your high schooler a lot longer than three days. 😉

http://medtropolis.com/virtual-body/ – LOVE This one for Visual Learners! This one comes in English or Spanish, and has narrated portions for those with reading difficulties – Animations of the human body recommended for middle school or

Here’s another great one for visual learners – http://www.getbodysmart.com/ – Offered by McGraw-Hill, this site includes visuals and explanations that are straightforward. It is a fun & interesting site to explore.

I LOVE this one for visual learners!! http://www.innerbody.com/htm/body.html It has animations of different body systems, is colorful, and detailed.

http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/anatomy/titlepage.shtml – Has worksheets for labeling different parts of the body.


http://www.visiblebody.com/ – This site has really GOOD images of photographic quality. They aren’t photographs, but are very realistic drawings that depict different aspects of the human body. This is a great, visually rich resource site.

http://www.mananatomy.com/ – A comprehensive instructional site that has good explanations accompanied by basic drawings that are great for overall understanding. There is not a lot of detail, but that makes this site good for those who may get lost in more comprehensive explanations. It is a good, basic site for any student.


http://www.madsci.org/~lynn/VH/ – Annotated images of the Human Body.

http://www.hhmi.org/biointeractive/vlabs/index.html – Be a Lab Scientist! Interactive labs.

Lesson Plans for every aspect of anatomy you can imagine! http://www.teachnology.com/teachers/lesson_plans/science/anatomy/

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