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The Study of Birds Science Resource Sites for Kids

birds science

The Audubon Society – THE definitive site on birds. Tons of useful content regarding bird species, habitats, endangerment, etc. Colorful photos make this site delightful to explore as do interactive elements such as webcams, endangerment maps, and a vast library of bird species drawings. There is more information about birds than anyone can digest!

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology – The Cornell Lab has awesome tools and activities. They have Bird Cams where your child can watch owls, hawks, and other birds. The site has a Birding Basics guide and educational content all about birds.

The Great Backyard Bird Count – Sponsored by Cornell and the Audubon Society, the Great Backyard Bird Count takes place annually. Having your child participate is an awesome way for you to spot and learn about local birds. Who knows? You might even spot a rare bird!

National Bird-Feeding Society through Wild Birds – Is there REALLY such an organization? YES and no! The National Bird-Feeding Society has a Facebook page, but the Wild Birds website has online field guides that you can use to explore birds in your region.

Bird Photography – Photos, photos, photos. Pick a bird, any bird, and you are likely to find a photograph, or two or three, of the species. This site has a linear directory where you simply select the species and view the photos. There is no information about species characteristics, but it is fun to go through the links and look at the variety of birdlife in the world. Make learning fun by talking about the different characteristics of each species and look up other information on the kids’ favorites!

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