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Animal Kingdom interactive websites for kids and homeschool science unit studies.

animal kingdom

Smithsonian National Zoological Park – This site is more than a zoo site. It has information about species with webcams for real time observation of animals. It has good teaching resources. The site includes information on preservation of species in the animal kingdom. There are printable versions of almost every page. The usability makes this a handy resource for learning “on the go”.

San Diego Zoo’s Video Spotlights – Can’t take a trip to the San Diego Zoo? You can still enjoy the diversity of animal kingdom life through this video library. You’ll be amazed with the number of videos that are available. There are videos of animal babies and animal events. In addition, the site contains a lot of information about animals under the drop-down menu labeled “Learn”.

National Wildlife Federation – “Wildlife, Keeping the Wild Alive” is a sub-site that teaches the importance of preserving our wildlife. Facts, articles, and threats are shared on a variety of wild animal species. The Backyard Wildlife Habitat sub-site shares information on common species found near our homes. This is a great site for understanding the importance of the animals in the animal kingdom.

Animal Diversity Web – This site is from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. The site contains classification information, species information, images, and search capabilities. The Teacher’s section has resource links and lesson plan information. My favorite part of this site are the “sound bites”. The sound bites are sound files of animal calls. For each animal species, there are pictures, sounds, specimens, and classification information. This is a great site to use for understanding the animal kingdom as a science study.

Animal Planet – A Discovery Channel website. This site has solid information on many species of animals. The content is primarily text-based. It is easy to navigate. The information is referenced by animal category and species in the animal kingdom. While the informational content is great, this site does have an occassional annoying pop-up.

New Hampshire Public Television’s Nature Works – Look in the “Nature Files” to find a long list of species. Click on any species to see a photo and learn about the creature’s characteristics, habitat, eating, etc.

Discovery School Animal Lesson Plans – The Discovery Channel’s lesson plans are thorough, printable, and contain interactive elements. They are categorized by grade level as well as by topic. The uniformity of the plans makes them easy to use. They provide a thorough study of the animal kingdom..

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