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Are you looking for great homeschool science curriculum for your high school student? 

Do you need science content that is easy for your child to learn? 

Check out these friendly homeschool science curriculum options for Learning Abled Kids.

My FAVORITE homeschool science curriculum for teaching science to an audio-visual learner is the Discovery line of programs. The Discovery Channel’s DVDs are engaging to watch. For students who learn visually, the DVDs are full of images, action clips, etc., and the presenter appears infrequently. In other words, the Discovery Channel DVDs are not a “talking head,” lecture kinds of presentations. The graphics really help visual learners engage with the content and understand concepts.

Standard Deviants Science Programs – These also make a great homeschool science curriculum. If you want a FUN, engaging science program unlike any textbook, a series of Standard Deviants DVDs can be highly entertaining for your high schooler in learning. The Standard Deviants Science Programs have series related to Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Anatomy, Geology, and more. Although we didn’t use these for most of our science programming, the episodes we did watch were excellent. To use as a curriculum, you would need to acquire the entire series in the specific topic area. Your child would watch the programs sequentially. There are associated program study guides available on the Standard Deviants website.

Adaptive Curriculum (AC) for Science and Math provides science and math programming for high school and middle school. All of the AC modules are audio-visual and narrated with clear visual representations to help students understand the topic. Auditory and/or visual learners would probably really like this program. The units also have interactive activities which will be helpful for students with a kinesthetic/tactile learning style. The activities are point-and-click or drag-and-drop nature types of activities. They’re not highly interactive, but it may be enough for some kids. They have demos on their main site at http://www.adaptivecurriculum.com/us/.

Apologia Science – Homeschool science curriculum especially designed for high school students with a Creationist viewpoint. The courses are written by a former university professor. They are readable and easy to understand. The courses have experiments which can be performed at home. The curriculum is backed by a question/answer support system. This is the Science curriculum we used and my guys really liked it. Apologia also provides Audio CDs of their textbooks for children with Learning Disabilities. They are a VERY supportive company. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Home Science Tools – Science supplies, articles and experiment ideas! Find homeschool science curriculum, home science kits, microscopes, and everything else you need to make science exciting. Just about ANYthing you could want, this company has! We love them!

Thinkwellhomeschool science curriculum – Online multimedia courses with teaching CD-Roms that are great to use for your homeschool science curriculum. These courses are used in universities across the USA. They are excellent for anyone seeking a college preparatory curriculum. Courses require an online “access key.” Therefore, you’ll want to be certain you use the order option indicating your are taking the course independently from a university if you are ordering for your homeschooled child.

NOVA DVDs & Videos – Great content on a variety of science topics. For visual learners, in particular, this video series helps explain modern scientific exploration and concepts. The detailed, step-by-step process of exploration helps make concepts understandable. The colorful videography engages even “reluctant” learners. This series is particularly wonderful for middle to high school aged children. Although, even at an upper elementary age our children were able to gain a lot of concept knowledge from the series.

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