Aug 032014
Learning Abled Kids Basic IEP Training Course Content

IEP Training Course Content This course consists of six units which correspond to the required sections of an IEP. The required sections are: Present Levels of Performance Goals & Objectives Supports & Services Accomodations & Modifications Measures of Progress Placement Each unit will familiarize you with the purpose of one of these IEP sections. You [...]

Jul 182014
IEP Goals for Written Expression for Children with Dysgraphia or Difficulty with Writing

Does your child struggle with writing? Do you need IEP goals for written expression? Writing struggles are common for kids with dysgraphia or learning disabilities in written expression.  Before you continue with the written expression IEP goals information below, if you still need a good writing program for your child, you may want to check out “How To [...]

Jun 192014
Writing Measureable IEP Goals for Organization Skills - Part II

Learning to write GREAT IEP Goals for your child can help you write a goal for ANY instruction your child needs, including organizational skills. Organizational skills CAN be taught, but they require you or your child’s teacher to give your child specific, step-by-step instructions, each and every day, day after day, until the process becomes natural [...]

Apr 042014
Great IEP Goals for Reading Decoding and Reading Fluency with IEP Goal Examples

If you strengthen your child’s IEP goals for reading fluency or reading decoding, YOU will be able to determine if your child is making adequate yearly progress in reading. (You won’t have to rely on your school telling you nor worry about whether their reporting is accurate or not). If you want to be SURE your school is providing [...]

Aug 042013
IEP Goals for Copying for Students with Dysgraphia or Writing Difficulties

If your child is struggling to make adequate yearly progress with handwriting, you can write strong IEP goals to insure your child is “on track” with his handwriting. With schools often dragging their feet, you absolutely MUST be ready to write measurable IEP goals so you AND your child’s school will KNOW whether your child is [...]

Aug 042013
IEP Goals for Organization for Children with Executive Function Disorder or ADHD

Why Do You Need IEP Organizational Goals? When a child has ADHD or Executive Functioning Deficits, organizational issues can have a huge impact on the child’s academic performance. For any child in public school, having IEP goals to address the organizational issues can be critical for daily functioning. The goals below are specific to organization, [...]

Aug 042013
Spelling Goals for IEPs and Children with Dyslexia or Writing Difficulties

Is your child’s spelling horrible?Looking for Solutions and Example IEP Goals? If your child has dyslexia or dysgraphia, spelling is a challenge for your child. I’ve been there and dealt with this issue in the worst way. Before we dive into the IEP goals, if your child has spelling issues related to dyslexia, I **HIGHLY** recommend [...]