Sep 142014
Homeschooling Geometry Curriculum to Make Learning FUN

Homeschooling GEOMETRY Curriculum Videos, Apps, and Tools Make Learning FUN! You can choose from a variety of great hands-on or visually-based homeschooling Geometry curriculum programs for your child. Below you will find supplemental teaching videos, apps, and tools that are highly rated and effective. If you’re looking for Homeschooling Geometry curricula, be sure to visit our […]

Jul 232013
Homeschool Math Curriculum , Dyscalculia & Math Dyslexia

Homeschool Math Curriculum for kids with Dyscalculia or Math Dyslexia – Math can be a significant remediation challenge for a home schooling parent, especially if your child has dyscalculia or memory-based difficulties with math. However, there are viable homeschool math curriculum for helping your child learn mathematics. As you go through the resource pages below, […]

Jul 232013
Math Homeschool Curriculum for Learning Abled Kids

Do you need some fun, entertaining, interactive ways to engage your child with math?  There are a number of math homeschool curriculum and resources you can use to improve your child’s math fluency without drilling with flashcards. If you’re specifically looking for High school curriculum, I have pages dedicated To: Elementary & Middle School Math,Algebra […]

Jul 232013
Math Curriculum for Dyscalculia : More than 15 Choices for You

DO you need a Math Curriculum for Dyscalculia? Do you need a visual and/or hands-on method for teaching math? Math Curriculum for Dyscalculia – Options Using multisensory teaching methods is most effective for teaching children who are diagnosed with a math learning disability or dyscalculia. Multisensory teaching is a proven method that is effective for […]

Jul 232013
Geometry Homeschool Curriculum for Learning Abled Kids

GEOMETRY EQUALS FUN FOR HOMESCHOOLERS! You can choose from a variety of great traditional, hands-on, or visually-based Geometry Homeschool Curriculum for your child. If you’re looking for interactive Geometry FUN, check out our page: Homeschooling Geometry Videos, Apps, and Tools for great geometry videos for kids, free geometry apps, and other tools that will make learning […]

Jul 232013
Algebra Homeschool Curriculum for Learning Abled Kids

ALGEBRA! Perhaps the most feared subject by homeschooling moms in general. Fear NOT, for behold–Here are algebra homeschool curriculum options with features to help your learning abled kid learn algebra. These algebra homeschool curriculum are selected for their visual and/or hands-on methods for teaching high school students and are commonly used in homeschooling.  Some sites […]