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Homeschool Math Curriculum for kids with Dyscalculia or Math Dyslexia

– Math can be a significant remediation challenge for a home schooling parent, especially if your child has dyscalculia or memory-based difficulties with math. However, there are viable homeschool math curriculum for helping your child learn mathematics.

As you go through the resource pages below, pay close attention to the grade-levels of the homeschool math curriculum you’re considering buying. You don’t want to buy a remedial program designed for elementary kids if your child is in high school. 😉

I point that out because sometimes it isn’t easy to tell if the homeschool math curriculum is appropriate for young kids, older kids, or all ages. Some older kids don’t mind cartoon graphics though. In such cases, feel free to choose whatever you think your child will like and use!

Free Homeschool Curriculum Online for math that is helpful for homeschooling kids with ADHD or dyslexia.

This page has homeschool math curriculum you can use for free online. There are programs for reading and math. Scroll down towards the lower end of the page for the multisensory homeschool math curriculum options.

Homeschool Math Curriculum

If a child has difficulty with math proficiency, these homeschool math programs involve manipulatives and/or sequential, direct instruction. These specific programs will help a child with dyscalculia or math dyslexia acquire math skills. Even if your child does NOT have dyscalculia, using a homeschool math curriculum designed for that purpose is likely to work well for you and your child.

Assistive Technology for Math or Dyscalculia

When you are working with your child to overcome his specific learning disability in math (or dyscalculia), you can help him understand math concepts and work with numbers in a variety of ways. Using assistive technology for math or dyscalculia is a great way to help your child bypass computation or conception problems. The target page contains information about tools you can use for teaching math concepts. The info will help your child work around difficulties with math facts. You would use the assistive technology for math in addition to your regular homeschool math curriculum.

What is Dyscalculia?

This page provides information about dyscalculia or “Math Dyslexia.” It gives you a definition of dyscalculia and explains how is it related to dyslexia. A child who struggles with math facts, reverses numbers, and has difficulty acquiring math facts may have dyscalculia. If this is your child, visiting the pages that list homeschool math curriculum for kids with dyscalculia will be of great help to you.

Q&A: Does my Child Have “Math Dyslexia” or Dyscalculia?

If you’re wondering whether your child has dyscalculia, the target page contains the basics about what is dyscalculia. Again, if the profile fits your child, using homeschool math curriculum specifically for kids with dyscalculia will be helpful to you.

Memorizing Math Facts

Homeschool math curriculum doesn’t always provide enough practice for kids with memory problems to learn their math facts. This memorization method is helpful for many children who have difficulty memorizing math facts due to memory deficits. It’s a method our neuropsychologist suggested. It worked well for us!

Multisensory Math Instruction

homeschool math curriculum

FUN math games and alternatives! Look at some of the GREAT Games that are available on Amazon, like “Sum Swamp” pictured to the right. Click on the Sum Swamp picture to learn more about this highly rated, fun game! While these games are not a complete homeschool math curriculum, they are a GREAT way to get your child to practice math facts. If you have difficulty getting your child to practice math facts, perhaps one of these fun math games will work for you.

Making Math More Fun – Math Games Package

(The Making Math More Fun link takes you OFF Learning AbledKids’ website) Fun Math Games For School Or Homeschool Education – The package at the above link includes Printable Board Games, Card Games And Game Sheets For Children. Educational Games Ready For The Classroom Or Home. The materials make Math Fun And Easy. Teachers And Parents Love These Fun Math Games. Parents use them to supplement their homeschool math curriculum.

Math Riddle Worksheet Book

Math Puzzle Worksheets That Help Kids Learn Math: Teaches Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, And Division. Again, this would be a supplement to your regular homeschool math curriculum.

Mathematics Resources for K-12 Schooling at Home

This is another webpage within the Learning Abled Kids’ website that provides information about homeschool math curriculum choices that suit learning abled kids.

High School Algebra

Multi-sensory, hands-on and visual homeschool math curriculum. It is commonly used to teach children with dyscalculia high school Algebra skills.

High School Geometry

Multi-sensory, hands-on and visual homeschool math curriculum. It is commonly used to teach children with dyscalculia high school Geometry skills.

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