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You can choose from a variety of great traditional, hands-on, or visually-based Geometry Homeschool Curriculum for your child.

If you’re looking for interactive Geometry FUN, check out our page: Homeschooling Geometry Videos, Apps, and Tools for great geometry videos for kids, free geometry apps, and other tools that will make learning Geometry fun for your child!

The Geometry curricula below are selected for their visual and/or hands-on teaching methods, for detailed teaching, for strong practice with immediate feedback, and other teaching benefits. Many geometry homeschool curriculum options provide DVD teaching presentations to enhance your child’s understanding of Geometry.

Special Note About Geometry Homeschool Curriculum Options:

Before diving into available geometry homeschool curriculum, I wanted to let you know about two great resources we used when my guys got stuck on geometry proofs and a couple of concepts that I had difficulty explaining to them.

We used both Purple Math and Khan Academy videos to supplement our regular Geometry curriculum.

For whatever geometry concept your homeschooler is having trouble understanding, you will probably be able to find an alternate explanation on Purple Math or Khan Academy that will make more sense to your child.

Geometry Homeschool Curriculum Options:

Geometry Homeschool Curriculum** Schaum’s Outline of Geometry, 5th Edition: 665 Solved Problems + 25 Videos (Schaum’s Outline Series) – You CAN’T BEAT IT for the price!  I used Shaum’s for Trigonometry and I LOVED it!  The teaching is concise – no fluff or long-winded explanations.  I highly recommend Shaum’s if your child is inclined towards math and learns relatively quickly.  There are a number of practice problems. but I wouldn’t classify it as a “lot” of problems, so this program wouldn’t be the best choice if your child has memory difficulties and requires a lot of repetitive practice.

**Math-U-See – This is a great hands-on geometry homeschool curriculum and the explanatory DVDs are great. The texts are plain, which can be beneficial for a child with ADHD or one who is distracted by a visually complex text. The printing is all black and white, uncluttered, and very straightforward. These texts may be the best of the lot for those wanting simple presentation for a child who does not require visual graphics to understand the content. The teaching DVD sessions are SHORT, which is particularly beneficial for children with ADHD who need a short lesson each day. The program introduces one concept at a time, so it tends to provide less confusion and distraction than a lot of geometry homeschool curriculum choices. If you need in depth explanation or visual diagrams, you will likely find the program falls short as a standalone program. However, it can be awesome when combined with some of the Homeschooling Geometry Videos, Apps, and Tools. We loved Math-U-See and it is very popular among the Learning Abled Kids’ support group members.

Geometry Teaching Textbook – The direct instruction approach used in Teaching Textbooks is well-liked and effective for MANY of the Learning Abled Kids’ support group members’ kids. Teaching Textbooks takes a step-by-step, explicit instruction approach to teaching each level of math, including Geometry. When using Teaching Textbooks, students can read the lesson, watch teaching video, work practice problems, watch the explanations of the practice problems, have the assignment graded for immediate feedback. Of particular benefit is the immediate ability to watch solutions for any problems the student missed. The level of review in the Teaching Textbook Geometry homeschool curriculum is helpful for a lot of kids.

**Thinkwell – Thinkwell has algebra, geometry, and higher math programs.  Thinkwell primarily provides teaching video content with a human instructor teaching through white-board technology.  The content is very similar to what a student would receive in a classroom, but the videos can be watched anytime, anywhere, in an isolated, undistracting setting.  They can also be watched over and over so a child can take as much time as needed to learn about Geometry.  We used Thinkwell for Pre-Algebra, and will use it for Algebra.

Catchup Math – If your child has a difficult time with math, this program is a mastery-based program that will review basic concepts with your child as needed. “Catchup Math covers Grade 6 Math up through Geometry, Algebra 2 and College Developmental Math, drilling down to elementary school topics as needed.” Because the program goes back and reviews basic concepts as needed, it can help fill in the learning gaps for your child as he works on Geometry. The main thing to be aware of is that this program covers MORE than Geometry. If you select this program and use it through completion, your child will have covered concepts for Algebra 1 and 2 as well as Geometry. Be sure to check out the free trial before buying to see if this geometry homeschool curriculum suits your child.

**A Beka Academy DVD Program – This geometry homeschool curriculum is provided at a college preparatory level. It has a lot of neat elements, like having the DVD instructor show the word “parenthesis” when she introduces parenthesis. This helps a 2e child see how the word is spelled, hear what it sounds like, and to see what parenthesis look like at the time of introduction. The book is colorful, with many visual drawings & diagrams to demonstrate concepts, and presented in a clear, concise manner. While this geometry homeschool curriculum is pricey, I think it will be worth the money for any college-bound student needing to learn Geometry. The only downfall of Abeka’s teaching DVDs is using a real classroom setting.. Sometimes the showing of other students can be a distraction to the viewer. This is particularly true when a student in the video works a problem incorrectly, it can be confusing to a child who is watching the DVD even though the errors are corrected by the teacher.

**Saxon Math and D.I.V.E. DVDs – Many children benefit from the detailed step-by-step geometry homeschool curriculum that Saxon offers. This math program builds upon itself with plenty of repetitive practice, cementing the concepts cognitively. The Geometry texts are plain. Little in the way of visual content is provided. While the program provides in-depth explanations and spiral teaching of concepts, the lack of visuals may be an issue for highly visual learners. Saxon’s D.I.V.E. CDs have each step in solving a geometry problem appear on the screen and the steps are explained by the instructor. When the problem step pops onto the screen, it isn’t always evident exactly which term the instructor is discussing in the explanation, yet advanced homeschool students often find this method provides a quicker pace and they are fine with it. There are several parents in the Learning Abled Kids’ support group who find this geometry homeschool curriculum helpful for their kids too.
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**Switched On Schoolhouse Geometry – We switched to the S.O.S. Math programs after difficulty with careless errors in a large number of traditional text-based problems. S.O.S. provides immediate feedback by giving a “correct” or “try again” response to the student in the interactive problems. S.O.S. is a visual software program which provides the instant feedback that is often essential for children with learning disabilities. Additonally, the S.O.S. software provides visual and auditory reinforcement through teaching text, text-to-speech features, and teaching video clips. The S.O.S. geometry homeschool curriculum is available in the 10th grade level.

**ALEKS Math – We used S.O.S. as our primary geometry homeschool curriculum and used ALEKS Math for a spiral, comprehensive, practice program. ALEKS is an intelligent learning system that adjusts instruction to the mastery level of the student. Periodically reassessments are given to the child to check for retention.  If a child has forgotten content previously mastered, the content is presented again.  This program is a fabulous geometry homeschool curriculum for insuring a child has comprehensive mastery of all content.

Chalkdust Geometry – Chalkdust teaches through a combination of DVD teaching and the textbook like several of the geometry homeschool curriculum above. When learning Pre-Algebra, we initially selected Chalkdust as our program of choice because this geometry homeschool curriculum is colorful and the teaching DVDs were important. The teaching is very traditional in nature with an instructor at a chalkboard, teaching and explaining Geometry. This geometry homeschool curriculum is a solid choice and good for a child who learns well through the traditional classroom instruction model.

Be sure to check out our great Homeschooling Geometry Videos, Apps, and Tools!

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