Jun 142014
Behavior Management for ADHD Impulsivity and Defiance

When you tell your child NOT to do something, does he turn right around and do it?  Do you feel like your child never listens and does the very things you tell him not to?  If he has ADHD, he probably DOES!!  EXASPERATING, isn’t it?!! SO, how do you get your child to behave and [...]

Sep 102013

There is a fascinating new study out, which shows children with high functioning autism demonstrate improving social skills over time.  John Foxe, Ph.D., says the evidence “suggests that whatever is broken can be fixed.” He speculates that if we can provide targeted multisensory integration therapies, we may be able to help children with autism by [...]

Sep 032013

Your child can learn with a carefully selected and properly implemented instructional program. If your child is struggling with schooling, whether in public school or homeschooled, you can pull information together to develop an educational that will help your child learn better and faster.  I am here to help you pull that educational plan together.  [...]

Aug 282013

Do you ever wonder what reading is like for your child?  If you have a child with dyslexia, understanding how perceptions affect your three-dimensional thinker’s reading abilities will help you work with your child better. Children with dyslexia are often gifted at thinking outside the box, but the freedom of time and space affects their [...]

Aug 022013
Learning Style and Dyslexia - Multi-Sensory is best..

One of the most commonly asked questions is in regard to “How do I teach my child? He has dyslexia.”  While teaching a child to read is another issue requiring an altogether different explanation, teaching a child who can’t read well does require instruction aside from typical books and papers. Multi-Sensory instruction is the best [...]

Aug 012013
Definition of Dyslexia and Symptoms of Dyslexia

Does your child have TRUE dyslexia, or perhaps some OTHER condition that manifests itself as difficulty in learning to read? Not all problems that manifest themselves in an inability to read are ‘dyslexia’, so it’s important for you to put on your detective cap and consider the possible causes of reading difficulties listed here. Symptoms [...]

Aug 012013
Homeschooling to Overcome Learning Disabilities

Yes, your child’s learning disabilities require creativity in teaching to overcome them when you homeschool, but it often beats the alternative of having your child’s educational needs go unmet in public school.  You have lots of great resources, like our multisensory teaching ideas, that you can use to get you off on the right homeschooling [...]