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Multisensory Lessons versus Learning Style Lesson Planning: What’s the difference?

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Up until now in this tutorial, we’ve been talking about multisensory lesson planning. While multisensory instruction is the BEST means of instructing any child, you can make instruction even more effective by teaching using your child’s primary learning style.

What I mean by that, is if your child is clearly a visual learner, he will learn best using pictures, images, and other visual teaching tools.

If your child is a tactile learner, he will learn best using tactile teaching and learning activities.

Reinforcement of concepts through your child’s secondary learning channels will help retention and recall too. Using your child’s main learning modalities for teaching will maximize your child’s learning. And do you know what that means??

Learning Style Teaching and Learning Means More Efficient Learning and Less Time Teaching!

If you teach your child the way he learns BEST, you won’t have to repeat yourself as often. Your child will learn more easily because the learning activities will be more natural to him.

Learning style lesson planning is done in a similar way to multisensory lesson planning. The main difference is that your teaching is done through the child’s primary learning style.

You can use a variety of activities that match your child’s primary and secondary learning styles. The
information is learned easier when the primary and secondary learning styles are used simultaneously. However, using your child’s learning styles sequentially is better than using only one style.

You can then use reinforcing activities. These can be any kind of activity, as well as activities from your child’s primary and secondary learning style.

Planning such lessons may seem difficult in the beginning. However, once you start teaching this way, you’ll find using a variety of different learning activities becomes easier for you. If you’d like an organizer page to use for planning lessons for all learning styles, print this PDF page.

A lot of difficulty comes from trying to think of what to do. To help make it easier for you, I’ve created lists of activities you can use in your lessons. Click on the link for your child’s learning style(s) to see a variety of learning activities you can use. (You might want to right click and open in a new tab, so you won’t lose your place here.)

Auditory Learning Activities

Visual Learning Activities

Kinesthetic Learning Activities

Tactile Learning Activities

If you continue with this tutorial, you WILL come to each of the pages listed just above here. So, you can proceed through the rest of this tutorial using the “Forward” button below. That way, you won’t miss anything!

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