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Activities for President’s Day are a GREAT way for your child to learn about the President’s of the United States of America. It is natural for a child to ask, “What is President’s Day?” If you arm yourself with information for a President’s Day Unit Study, you can answer the question with FUN!

Use the learning Activities for President’s Day and websites below to plan your unit studies. Some of the sites are great for your child to explore directly.Activities for President's Day

Websites with Activities for President’s Day

What better place to start than with the definitive “expert” — The White House.

Dive Into the Presidency on President’s Day (with the White House) – Is a website your child can explore to learn many details about the Presidents. The site has information on the holiday and biographies of all of the presidents. Interesting tidbits about White House pets and Presidential sports make the presidents “real” people and add a fun twist that kids will love.

www.Patriotism.org – Has a brief history of President’s day as well as lesson plans for 6th-12th grade students. Biographies of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are provided as well. Your child can read this site directly, or you can use the information to help prepare your own unit study on President’s Day. (continued below..)

Activities for President's Day

President’s Day Games – Brought to you by Primary Games has presidential puzzles, a “Name That President” game, and others to provide hands-on entertainment fun for your child. Playing these games will be a great way for your child to gain familiarity with the presidents without feeling like she is doing school work!

Education World’s President’s Day – Has a wide variety of links to presidential activities, biographies, lesson plans, explorations of the presidential libraries across the US and more! This is a high quality resource that will help you build a comprehensive unit study about President’s Day.

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