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Have ALL Kinds of Fun With Hands On Activities for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for learning about American History, Columbus, the pilgrims, family traditions, early crops in America and many other aspects of early American life. It’s a GREAT time for your child to learn about this holiday with hands-on activities, rather than just reading about it in books.

The  Thanksgiving holiday season, in particular,  is a great time for visual, hands-on activities for learning.

You can delight your children with activities for Thanksgiving that allow them to excel in creativity, and provide an outlet from the daily chore of doing typical schoolwork. During the holidays, you can teach your child about the history of Thanksgiving, some American History, let your child learn by doing activities, and get away from the books that cause kids with specific learning disabilities so much stress.

Many homeschooling families I know take time off from traditional academics from Thanksgiving, through Christmas, Kwanza, or Hannukah, and into the New Year.

You can incorporate activities for thanksgiving into your reading, writing, and math into their days by baking, setting budgets for gifts, following instructions to make crafts, writing to relatives, and reading about the holidays.

Having your child make a lapbook about Thanksgiving is a great way to incorporate activities for Thanksgiving into your reading and writing skills while having fun with the holiday season.

hands on craft Activities for Thanksgiving

Activities for Thanksgiving & Hands on Crafts

For the study of Thanksgiving, You may find these sites will provide ideas for great hands-on Activities for Thanksgiving that you can incorporate into your studies:

Online Activities for Thanksgiving for Non-Readers

Jul 102013

Kwanzaa is a holiday full of rich heritage with Activities for Kwanza that are both fun and educational.  It is a great holiday for families to study to understand family traditions and values.

It is also a great cross-cultural study for families who do not personally celebrate Kwanzaa, but who want to better understand the African peoples in our world.  This holiday is rich with cultural heritage, meaning, and tradition. The symbolic crafts that many children will enjoy creating are great Activities for Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa is also a great visual, hands-on learning season for children who excel in creativity.  Studying Kwanzaa and creating crafts from what you learn will provide an outlet from typical schoolwork.

During Kwanzaa season, you can teach your child about the history of the holiday, let her learn by doing, and get away from traditional academics.  Let your child create her own book about the Kwanzaa holiday and about the history of African people. Let your child use activities for Kwanzaa to demonstrate an understanding of the rich heritage in the African culture.

For the study of Kwanzaa, You may find these sites helpful as study aids:

For more information about Kwanzaa’s history and the meaning of the holiday, visit:

Jul 102013

Activities for Hanukkah Can Bring as Much Delight as the Holiday Itself

Activities for HanukkahActivities for Hanukkah

Hanukkah is a visual, hands-on learning delight for children who excel in creativity.  Activities for Hanukkah are a great outlet from the daily chore of doing typical schoolwork.

During the Hanukkah, you can teach your child about the history of the temple restoration. Your child can learn about the eight lights and nine branches of the menorah.

Whether you are Jewish or of another faith, Hanukkah interests many kids. Teaching your kids the Jewish traditions for Hanukkah will help them with history, culture, religion, and other related studies.

Your kids might enjoy art projects, baking, learning to make candles, or playing with a dreidel. Explore the sites below to find cool hands-on activities for your kids.

By letting your child learn through activities for Hanukkah, you can get away from the books. After all, too much time with books can cause kids with specific learning disabilities stress.

Activities for Hanukkah

In addition to hands-on activities, you can watch the History of Hanukkah from the History Channel as a laid back learning activity.

 If you want your kids to learn more about the history of the holiday, you may want to visit the Menorah Lighting Guide.
If your family has Jewish friends, you might want to check out the 8 Do’s and Don’ts for Hanukkah.  This page will help your child understand the cultural aspects of the holiday.
Whatever you decide to do for Hanukkah, your child will enjoy learning about this holiday.  As a child, I had a couple of Jewish friends and I LOVED learning about Hanukkah.  It is often a fun topic for kids to learn about!

Jul 102013

St. Patrick’s day is a holiday that most kids find fun. Dressing in green and looking for four leaf clovers are just the beginning of Activities for Saint Patrick’s Day you can do for fun!

St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland, a celebrated Christian figure. St. Patrick’s Day is always celebrated on March 17th, the anniversary of St. Patrick’s death.

If your child is like most, he will ask, “Who is St. Patrick?” You can arm yourself with information to answer his questions. You can also let your child do a St. Patrick’s Day Unit Study through the learning Activities for Saint Patrick’s Day in the websites listed below. Activities for Saint Patrick's Day

Activities for Saint Patrick’s Day

A GREAT place to start Activities for Saint Patrick’s Day is at the History Channel’s “History of St. Patrick’s Day“. This site has a short biography of St. Patrick, a WONDERFUL online video, online games, and more. Your child can learn a lot about St. Patrick solely by exploring this site in full.

You can also visit the historic St. Patrick Centre online. The centre is an interpretative exhibition which tells the story of Ireland’s Patron Saint and the online site provides a limited virtual visit. Displays at the centre allow visitors to explore how Patrick’s legacy developed in early Christian times and reveal the fabulous artwork and metalwork which was produced during this Golden Age.

Enchanted Learning’s St. Patrick’s Day fun – This site has a wide variety of hands-on crafts and activities you can do with your child to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. This holiday lends itself to a lot of light-hearted, green fun through shamrocks, leprechaun hats, and other activities your child can enjoy.

Activities for Saint Patrick's DaySpoonful’s St. Patrick’s Day – This is one of my favorite websites for sheer fun. The St. Patrick’s Day page provides a wide variety of crafts, games, poems, fun, etc. The Activities are difficult to pass up!

St. Patrick’s Day Games – Brought to you by Primary Games has a shamrock puzzle, a Leprechaun hunt, and other games to provide hands-on entertainment fun for your child. They also have word finds, Lucky Tic-Tac-Toe, coloring sheets and more.

Education World’s Visit to Ireland – Is a downloadable PDF “Scavenger Hunt” to help you explore Ireland and the Patron Saint. This worksheet covers the geography of Ireland.

Jul 102013

Activities for President’s Day are a GREAT way for your child to learn about the President’s of the United States of America. It is natural for a child to ask, “What is President’s Day?” If you arm yourself with information for a President’s Day Unit Study, you can answer the question with FUN!

Use the learning Activities for President’s Day and websites below to plan your unit studies. Some of the sites are great for your child to explore directly.Activities for President's Day

Websites with Activities for President’s Day

What better place to start than with the definitive “expert” — The White House.

Dive Into the Presidency on President’s Day (with the White House) – Is a website your child can explore to learn many details about the Presidents. The site has information on the holiday and biographies of all of the presidents. Interesting tidbits about White House pets and Presidential sports make the presidents “real” people and add a fun twist that kids will love.

www.Patriotism.org – Has a brief history of President’s day as well as lesson plans for 6th-12th grade students. Biographies of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are provided as well. Your child can read this site directly, or you can use the information to help prepare your own unit study on President’s Day. (continued below..)

Activities for President's Day

President’s Day Games – Brought to you by Primary Games has presidential puzzles, a “Name That President” game, and others to provide hands-on entertainment fun for your child. Playing these games will be a great way for your child to gain familiarity with the presidents without feeling like she is doing school work!

Education World’s President’s Day – Has a wide variety of links to presidential activities, biographies, lesson plans, explorations of the presidential libraries across the US and more! This is a high quality resource that will help you build a comprehensive unit study about President’s Day.

Jul 102013

‘Tis the Season for Fun Activities for Christmas

activities for Christmas

For any Christian family, the Christmas holiday season is rich with opportunities to learn new skills and to focus on the meaning of the holiday. It’s a great time to create gifts for family members, learn about family heritage, baking, and decorating.

Christmas is a visually rich, delightful, hands-on learning opportunity for any family, but particularly for those who celebrate the holiday as a part of their religious heritage.

During the holidays, you can teach your child about the history of Christmas. Your child can also learn core academic skills by reading about crafts in books, measuring, baking, and by creating cool decorations.

Working together as a family to create a Christmas letter to go in Christmas cards can be great writing practice and signing cards can be good handwriting practice.

You can talk to your child about money and budgets when laying out plans for Christmas shopping, whether it is grocery or gift shopping. There are a lot of activities you can do during the Christmas season to work on academics without sitting down and working on formal academics.

Christmas is a great time to have fun and bond with your child(ren) while experiencing Christmas in the richest sense of the holiday.

Activities for Christmas Craft Idea Resources:

For more information about Christmas, visit these links:

  1. CNN’s Christmas Page
  2. The History Channel’s Christmas Resources

Study Snowflakes with Snowflake Bentley & Crafts:


Christmas Holiday Craft Kits:

Christmas Holiday Craft Books:

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Holiday Activities and Learning

Holiday Activities provide wonderful, visual, hands-on learning opportunities for teaching your child. This is especially true if your child excels in creativity.

You can celebrate the holidays with unit studies. They are a fantastic way to take learning to a new level rather than doing typical schoolwork. In other words, doing fun Holiday Activities makes your child feel like it’s a holiday, but your child can still be learning!

During any holiday, you can teach your child about the history of the holiday. Let your child learn by doing. Getting away from the books can take away the stress kids with specific learning disabilities often feel.

Holiday Activities give you a wide variety of options.  Whether the Holiday Activities include painting, building, sewing, baking, etc., you should be able to find something fun for your child to do!

Building fun unit studies for your child for any holiday can be fun too. As  each holiday comes, search sites with Holiday Activities that will help you build a fun unit study for your child.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or want to teach your child about all of the different holidays, there are great study aides and resources available.

For seasonal crafts, kits, and hands on activities, you’ll find that a WIDE variety of Holiday Activities craft kits for virtually any occasion on AmazonHoliday Activities. They have a variety of inexpensive items to suit your needs for just about any holiday craft. Check out the holiday-specific web pages below for holidays on the horizon.

Check out these Holiday Fun Pages:

Chanukah / Hanukkah



President’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day