Jul 102013

‘Tis the Season for Fun Activities for Christmas

activities for Christmas

For any Christian family, the Christmas holiday season is rich with opportunities to learn new skills and to focus on the meaning of the holiday. It’s a great time to create gifts for family members, learn about family heritage, baking, and decorating.

Christmas is a visually rich, delightful, hands-on learning opportunity for any family, but particularly for those who celebrate the holiday as a part of their religious heritage.

During the holidays, you can teach your child about the history of Christmas. Your child can also learn core academic skills by reading about crafts in books, measuring, baking, and by creating cool decorations.

Working together as a family to create a Christmas letter to go in Christmas cards can be great writing practice and signing cards can be good handwriting practice.

You can talk to your child about money and budgets when laying out plans for Christmas shopping, whether it is grocery or gift shopping. There are a lot of activities you can do during the Christmas season to work on academics without sitting down and working on formal academics.

Christmas is a great time to have fun and bond with your child(ren) while experiencing Christmas in the richest sense of the holiday.

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