Aug 072013
What Works: Self-Correction Method For Spelling

Has your child had YEARS of spelling instruction, but is still a lousy speller?  Has he received specific, direct instruction in spelling, but nothing seems to stick? After I had remediated my son’s reading issues due to dyslexia, and after working on spelling for years, he still had difficult spelling basic words like who (ho), [...]

Jul 122013

Executive Functioning Disorder Executive functioning of the brain helps a child with organization skills, planning, sequencing, attention to detail and other skills. A child with an executive functioning disorder may experience problems keeping track of assignments, spelling, word problems and other tasks that involve sequential processing. Language Arts, such as grammar and spelling, are often [...]

Jul 122013
Spelling Programs for Homeschooling Students with Dyslexia

Did you know that spelling is the most difficult skill for a child with dyslexia to learn? After you’ve just about given up on teaching your child to spell.. There is a proven way to help spelling stick.  Check it out: When I was researching the most effective method for making spelling “stick,” The research [...]

Jul 122013
Grammar Curriculum for Homeschooling a Child with Learning Disabilities

Along with teaching your child how to capture their thoughts through writing, there is the matter of writing mechanics such as punctuation, spelling, and word usage. There are many programs that teach Language Arts skills, and a few are multi-sensory in nature. You will want to work with your child on writing content and may [...]