Aug 072014
How to Improve Spelling : Overcome Chronic Spelling Problems

How to Improve Spelling: Overcome Your Child’s Chronic Spelling problems Does your child use phonetic spelling even though he’s had YEARS of spelling instruction? Has your child received specific, direct instruction in spelling, but nothing seems to stick? If you’re wondering how to improve spelling, I have some answers for you. This page will explain […]

Jul 122013
Language Arts Curriculum Homeschool options

Looking for Language Arts Curriculum Homeschool Options for YOUR Learning Abled Kid? Whether your child has dyslexia, dysgraphia, attention deficit disorder, or any other learning disability, studying reading, writing, grammar and spelling are often a struggle. Finding the RIGHT language arts homeschool curriculum is important for your child’s learning progress. Over the years, there have […]

Jul 122013
Dyslexia Spelling Problems : Help at Home to Overcome Dyslexia

Did you know that dyslexia spelling problems are most difficult to overcome? On this page I’ll share programs that are used by parents in the Learning Abled Kids’ Support group as well as tips for helping your child overcome his dyslexia spelling problems. First: A Quick Dyslexia Spelling Training Tip After you’ve just about given […]

Jul 122013
Grammar Lessons - Help Your Child Learn It Without Hating It!

GOOD GRAMMAR Lessons Without Grief In addition to your child learning to express his thoughts in writing, your child needs Grammar lessons. Writing mechanics such as punctuation, spelling, and word usage are important, but I’ve yet to meet a child with learning disabilities who loves his grammar lessons! While there are many programs that teach […]