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Looking for Language Arts Curriculum Homeschool Options for YOUR Learning Abled Kid?

Whether your child has dyslexia, dysgraphia, attention deficit disorder, or any other learning disability, studying reading, writing, grammar and spelling are often a struggle. Finding the RIGHT language arts homeschool curriculum is important for your child’s learning progress.

Over the years, there have been a number of language arts curriculum homeschool programs that parents of Learning Abled Kids repeatedly recommend. To help you out, I’ve created pages for each language arts skill area with listings of the programs other parents recommend. I figure our odds of picking the “right” program for our kids will be higher if we chose language arts curriculum other parents have used successfully.

Language Arts Curriculum Homeschool Options for Reading

Reading is one of the most critical academic skills for your child to master. Whether your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia or not, using proven reading programs can help your child learn to read. This reading page link will take you to a page that has multiple pages where reading programs are specifically listed. If you want to jump to the most comprehensive list of programs, visit the Orton Gillingham Reading Program for Dyslexia – 14 Choices page first.

Language Arts Curriculum Homeschool Options for Writing

Next to learning to read, learning how to communicate through writing is a critical life skill for your child. The title link above will take you to a page listing all of the writing-related pages. If you’d like to jump to the comprehensive list of writing programs first, visit the page.

Language Arts Curriculum Homeschool

Language Arts Curriculum Homeschool Options for Handwriting

You may also want to go to our handwriting page directly through the title link above. Handwriting and written expression are two different language arts curriculum needs you’ll have. If handwriting is a major issue, then you may also want to consider teaching your child keyboarding.

Language Arts Curriculum Homeschool Options for Spelling

Spelling is a task of great difficulty for children with dyslexia or executive functioning disorder. The specific, sequential nature of spelling makes it a skill that must be taught with specific, sequential instruction using Orton-Gillingham methods. Programs recommended are known to work for children with various learning difficulties.

Language Arts Curriculum Homeschool Options for Grammar

Proper word usage, punctuation, and proper sentence structure are elements of writing which can give a child with disabilities fits! Given the right program, a child can learn to properly format his sentences.

Language Arts Curriculum Homeschool Options for Vocabulary

Building a child’s vocabulary can be accomplished through traditional vocabulary programs or through the teaching of word roots. By learning Greek and Latin roots, a child can gain a broader understanding of language meanings. Although the initial teachings may be more difficult, there are many great “Roots” programs. There are also a large number of good traditional vocabulary programs. Which ever you choose, if it meets the needs of YOUR child, it is a GOOD program!

To make learning language arts easier for your child, you may also want to use Assistive Technology for Reading and Writing.

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