Jul 272014
Best Homeschool Curriculum for ADHD, Dyslexia, or other Learning Disabilities

I’ve listed some of the Best Homeschool Curriculum for ADHD, Dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. Most kids will enjoy these programs as learning tools whether they have dyslexia or not! Be sure to check out the additional resource pages listed below to explore all of your options. At the end of this page, you will also find […]

Jun 182014
Enhance Your Child's Learning through Brain Gym Exercises

Does your child need brain gym exercises for coordination difficulties or difficulty with left-brain, right-brain processing? You may find Brain Gym exercises to be a good way help your child overcome coordination difficulties in particular.  Using Brain Gym to provide breaks throughout the school day can lead to better focus and that will help your child with […]

Feb 092014
Become A Better Teacher by Avoiding 3 Common Homeschooling Mistakes

Are You Making One of These Homeschooling Mistakes with Your Learning Abled Kid? Learn three common homeschooling mistakes and what you can do to avoid them. If you’re making one of these common homeschooling mistakes, you can help your child (and yourself) by changing how you handle your child’s education. Homeschooling Mistake #1 – Assuming […]

Aug 022013
Advertisement and Privacy Policy

In the course of normal operation, LearningAbledKids may actively or passively collect certain information about website visitors. This information might include the origin of visitors’ connection, visitors’ actions while viewing the website, any data entered by the visitor onto any form or forum hosted by LearningAbledKids, including visitors’ email addresses. The website owner may use […]

Aug 022013
Ignite Foreign Language Learning in Spite of Learning Disabilities

If a child has dyslexia or any other learning disability, learning foreign language can seem like an impossibility!  Let me share with you our tricks and tips. First, we’ll talk about foreign language selection, then we’ll discuss the best learning approach and which homeschooling curriculum works well for learning a foreign language when your child […]

Aug 012013
Department of Education Websites : DOE for Each STATE

State department of education websites contain rules about homeschooling and special education. Whether you are advocating for your child or educating your child at home, your state’s department of education website can provide you with key information. Some states make it difficult to find information on their department of education websites, so you may have to […]

Aug 012013
Learning Abled Kids' Learning Disabilities Support Groups

Learning Disabilities Support groups for moms trying to help their kids at home: LIKE US   ————  Our Facebook Group FOLLOW US  ——- Our Yahoo! Group Our Learning Disabilities Support Groups goal is to provide POSITIVE, and helpful support to you if you are trying to overcome your child’s learning struggles through homeschooling, after-schooling, or on a tutorial basis. […]

Aug 012013
Meet Your Learning Abled Kid's Educational Success Story Coach

Sandy used her instructional design background to transform her boys’ educational difficulties into awesome success stories. Consider her as your “Educational Success Story Coach” and LearningAbledKids.com as your resource venue.  Together we can write an awesome Success Story for your child! Sandy’s boys started out in public school, but the school’s incompetence left Sandy and […]