Aug 012013

Does your child learn best through pictures, images, or educational multi-media?

Visual Aids for Learning are the Key to Learning Success for Visual Learners

If so, there are many ways to meet his learning needs without using text-based teaching materials. There are educational posters, graphic texts (with lots of pictures, diagrams, and drawings), educational videos, DVDs, and online learning tools which make great visual aids for learning.

Our Science section contains links to many sites with animated or visual content. The sites listed in the science section present new concepts using visual elements. Some of the sites have audio presentations. These visual aids for learning science are fun for children too. Your child can play and learn all at once. Fun learning is usually retained better too.

Educational Videos and DVDs as visual aids for learning

Here are also stores where you can get great educational videos:

  • **Discovery Education’s United Streaming Video – This is an online, streaming video-on-demand service. The offer thousands of Discovery Channel videos with unlimited access for a year with a paid subscription.
  • Discovery Channel Educational DVDsvisual aids for learning has many great educational DVDs and videos. They go on sale fairly often. We have been able to enhance our learning library by watching for super sale prices.
  • Fogware’s Learning System is a wonderful teaching tool, particularly for children with specific learning disabilities. Samples of the programs were sent to us for review. The program was developed by a businessman who grew up with dyslexia. He truly understands the need for multisensory teaching methods and visual aids for learning. The Fogware’s Learning System products provide interactive, computer-based learning units. Each lesson has visuals, audio, and text-to-speech content. The visual aids for learning within each concept, along with the text and text-to-speech content, make these programs effective AND fun! The interfaces are simple and consistent. The screens are uncluttered and easy to navigate. While these programs are not a “complete” curriculum, they have a lot of wonderful content that will reinforce your child’s learning. There are many topics within each level including Science, History, Math, Geography, Reading, Literature, etc. Given the modest price of the software, you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth out of the programs just by having your child watch and interact with some of the lessons.

Other great visual aids for learning include educational games! Many children learn a great deal by playing games. Educational games reinforce learning through creative, hands-on repetition.

Check out these educational posters as visual aids for learning for your visual learner:

I’ve searched to find educational posters on a wide variety of subjects. We bought posters of marine animals, the weather cycles, the periodic table of elements, and more. Mounting a poster on the wall and just going through the visuals on it each day can really help your visual learner remember concepts!

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