Jul 182014
Kindle Unlimited : Is it GREAT for Homeschoolers?

Unlimited Kindle (Select) Books! Can you imagine what this means for the ever-changing needs of homeschoolers, not to mention how it will enable you to meet the reading needs of your child for one low, monthly cost? My first thought tonight is that Kindle Unlimited will enable homeschoolers to acquire a number of books to […]

Jun 282014
Is Homeschooling a Child with Learning Disabilities a Good Idea?

The NCLB has a post of “questions that parents should address to ensure that their child’s learning and behavioral needs are being met”  when considering homeschoolng, but I think the NCLB presents bias-based questioning against Homeschooling a Child with Learning Disabilities. What do you think? NCLD Poses Question #1 for parents to ask themselves before […]

May 172014
Overcoming Dyslexia via Homeschooling : Our Success Story

Overcoming Dyslexia through Homeschooling was Easier Than We Expected! My name is Sandy, and I’m the owner of Learning Abled Kids and the Learning Abled Kids’ Support Group.  I’m sharing our story of overcoming dyslexia through homeschooling as an encouragement for you. I’m sharing the stories of my boys separately because each of their stories […]

Oct 012013
Reading Software & Math Software: 2013 New Releases & Bestsellers

Bestselling, In Demand Children’s Reading Software: Reading for Literacy v2 Bundle [Download] Designed to develop your child’s key reading skills. The reading ages and focus of the activities progress from title to title moving from literal to inferred meanings, simple vocabulary to complex, and word recognition to comprehension. This Reading Software bundle contains 810 activities […]

Sep 262013
Parenting Skills : Get a Grip on Parenting Your Learning Abled Kid

Need help with Parenting Skills? Do you find your self screaming at your learning abled kid?  Are you frequently frustrated, stressed out, or at your wits end? I *know* I was there!! So what did I do?  I developed better parenting skills. How Do You Develop GOOD Parenting Skills? Unfortunately, we are not born knowing how […]