Jun 282014
Deciding Whether to Homeschool a Child with Learning Disabilities

The NCLB has a post of “questions that parents should address to ensure that their child’s learning and behavioral needs are being met”  when considering homeschoolng, but I think the NCLB presents bias-based questioning against homeschooling.   What do you think? NCLD Poses Question #1 for parents to ask themselves before homeschooling: “Do I really want [...]

May 172014
Bullied, Non-reader becomes A High Achieving College Student

My name is Sandy, and I’m the owner of Learning Abled Kids and the Learning Abled Kids’ Support Group.  I’m sharing my story as an encouragement for you, because I know homeschooling a Learning Abled Kid can be an overwhelming thought. I’m sharing the stories of my boys separately because each of their stories is [...]

Oct 012013
Children's Reading and Math Software: Hot New Releases & Bestsellers for 3rd Quarter 2013

Bestselling, In Demand Children’s Reading Software:   Reading for Literacy v2 Bundle [Download] Designed to develop your child’s key reading skills. The reading ages and focus of the activities progress from title to title moving from literal to inferred meanings, simple vocabulary to complex, and word recognition to comprehension. This bundle contains 810 activities arranged [...]

Sep 112013
From Anxiety & Learning Disabilities to College through Homeschooling

This is an audio interview with Jenny. Jenny began homeschooling her son, who has learning disabilities and anxiety, when he was in elementary school after public school proved to be a poor fit. Feel free to listen to the audio (be sure your speakers are on), read the transcript, or do both. I hope this [...]

Aug 282013
Who Is Responsible for Your Child's Learning?

Are you complaining, “My child is failing because the school isn’t doing their job”? Do you ever consider it your fault when your child fails to make academic progress? School administrators and teachers blame parents when a child doesn’t learn (seriously, they do). Many schools fail to meet the needs of learning abled kids, then [...]

Aug 222013

NCLD question: “Will home schooling deny my child the full range of social interactions and experiences with peers and adults that is so important to the development of a well-balanced personality?” The NCLD question implies that a child is at risk of not having a well-balanced personality if you homeschool, however there are many issues [...]