Jul 182014

See Kindle Unlimited (Select) Books!kindle unlimited

Can you imagine what this means for the ever-changing needs of homeschoolers to have unlimited access to books? Not to mention, how will kindle unlimited enable you to meet the reading needs of your child for one low, monthly cost?

My Thoughts On Kindle Unlimited

My first thought tonight is that Kindle Unlimited will enable homeschoolers to acquire a large number of books to try out before buying. Having kindle unlimited will allow you to preview books before giving them to your kids. You can avoid the cost of purchasing each book.

The main “catch” here is that the books have to be enrolled in the “Kindle Select” Publishing program. Not all books are enrolled. However, a great number of books are enrolled. So there is a growing variety of books to chose from.

At this time, most of my books are enrolled in the Kindle Select program.  The Select program requires exclusive rights to distribution. I was currently looking into publishing my books through other providers like Apple and Barnes & Noble. but the Kindle Unlimited program made me rethink my options!.

In any case, The Dyslexia Help Handbook for Parents: Your Guide to Overcoming Dyslexia Including Tools You Can Use for Learning EmpowermentDyslexia Help Handbook for Parents book dyslexic dyslexie books is currently in the Kindle Select program. If you sign up for Kindle Unlimitedkindle unlimited, then you can grab a copy of the book and read it along with other books of interest to you.

When you’re looking for books for next school year, look for books that are tagged with the Kindle Unlimited banner. It’s usually next to the Kindle price. You can then choose those books you can get under the kindle unlimited agreement.

CHECK IT OUT!  Let me know if you will use the Kindle Unlimited program.  If a lot of people tell me they are opting into the unlimited program, I may make my books available exclusively for Kindle again.  Let me know what you think!

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