YOU CAN Homeschool to Overcome Learning Disabilities


shrediepHomeschooling a child who struggles is vastly different than most parents of struggling learners imagine.  Parents imagine themselves at their wits end, impatient, yelling at their child, battling over school work with a child who refuses to do his work.  Parents imagine being totally lost when it comes to knowing how to teach their child, and gravely concern themselves about the child’s “social life.”

Homeschooling is NOT at all like that! 

YOU CAN Homeschool to Overcome Learning Disabilities

I was SHOCKED by how different it was to homeschool to overcome learning disabilities was than I thought it’d be. There are major factors that improve parent-child relationship dynamics while homeschooling. 

If you homeschool to overcome learning disabilities, it is a great opportunity to meet your child’s needs. You can provide focused, one-on-one instruction for optimal learning outcomes. When you homeschool to overcome learning disabilities, you:

Homeschool Your Learning Abled Kid and Get AWAY from:

  • The stress of constant testing, notes home about behaviors, and other school-to-home interactions that leave you feeling frustrated with your child and school,
  • The stress of IEP meetings,
  • Downward spiraling self-esteem in your child,
  • The stress of school assignments, testing, homework, projects, bus times, etc. driving your life and family calendar,
  • Bullying of your child by peers or teachers,
  • Having to do homework with a tired, uncooperative, or despondent child at the end of a hard day at school,
  • Your child feeling like a failure because he can’t keep up,
  • Having a weary child who does nothing but eat, sleep, and do schoolwork,
  • as well as other hazards of schedule-driven, traditional education.

Homeschool to Overcome Learning Disabilities and Realize These Benefits:

  • Allow your child to sleep daily until he wakes up naturally so he’s well-rested and available for learning,
  • Ability to cover skills repeatedly until they’re mastered,
  • Ability to let your child zoom ahead in subjects he doesn’t struggle with,
  • Ability to work at your child’s individual learning pace,
  • Ability to use great assistive technology to enable your child to have exposure to high level content even while he can’t yet read, spell, or write,
  • Frequent breaks to enhance learning including exercising, eating, drinking, or using the restroom whenever needed,
  • Being able to use multi-sensory programs that match your child’s learning style,
  • Being able to place your child in widely varying grade levels for each subject depending upon his comprehension level for each subject (example: reading remediation can be at a 3rd grade level while science content learning can be at an 8th grade level–whatever your child needs),
  • The ability to have shorter school days with no homework so your child can participate in social activities in addition to schooling,
  • As well as other unexpected benefits found in homeschool to overcome learning disabilities.

Truly–if you want to be able to give your learning abled child what he or she needs educationally, often the only way to do that is by homeschool to overcome learning disabilities. 

I didn’t want to homeschool before we started either, but I KNEW something had to change.  My child was becoming more and more depressed. He thought he could not learn and he was falling further behind in every subject area each year, even though he was obviously a smart child.  The decision to homeschool to overcome learning disabilities was truly the best decision we ever made.

So, before you rule out homeschool to overcome learning disabilities completely, please read “Overcome Your Fear of Homeschooling with Insider Information”homeschool to overcome learning disabilities for eye-opening information about how homeschooling brings about parental patience and how it changes your child’s availability for learning engagement. 

Read about a study that showed one-on-one teaching in a homeschooling environment allows homeschooled students with learning disabilities to outpace their peers in public school.

You don’t have to have any teaching experience to sit down and work with your child on reading, writing, or math calculations. If you can read, write, and perform basic math calculations, you are qualified to help your child make educational progress. I’ve done it.. You can do it too!

Don’t let me go without saying, SOME public schools do a FABULOUS job and really work well with parents in trying to meet the needs of their students. If your school does a great job, I’m excited for you in that regard! I truly am!

If not though, please do consider homeschool to overcome learning disabilities if your child continues to struggle in school.  Your child needs you to be his advocate and to raise him up for a productive life!

If I knew THEN what I know now, I would have welcomed homeschooling a lot more eagerly. I would not have wasted a moment trying to get the school to educate my child properly.

Homeschool to overcome learning disabilities was the BEST decision we have ever made on behalf our boys’ educations. I don’t regret a moment of our journey! 

And do you know what I did when my oldest son went off to college?? — I burned years of documentation from our IEP battles with our public school system.  It was fulfilling to make a fire in our firepit, wad each page, and throw it in the fire.  The feeling of burning all of those papers was TRIUMPHANT, VICTORIOUS, and UPLIFTING.  My heart soared knowing we did everything we knew to do for our boys and we succeeded!  Since most people don’t live where they have their own firepit, shredding your IEP is the next best thing (after you don’t need it ever again, that is).

Homeschool to Qvercome Learning Disabilities with Resources for Shredding that IEP:

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