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homeschool questionsIf you THINK, “I could never homeschool my child,” that’s what I thought. I had a million homeschool questions, and really had no clue what homeschooling would be like.

There are many surprises in homeschooling. My biggest surprise was unexpected development of patience that was in short supply before we began. I have written a book about all of the misconceptions I had before homeschooling. I include common objections like, “I don’t have enough patience,” “I’m not smart enough,” “I’m not organized enough,” etc. I’ve answered a lot of homeschool questions that parents have when they are considering homeschooling.

If you don’t think you have enough patience, smarts, or organization skills.. SURPRISE! You probably do and ““Overcome Your Fear of Homeschooling with Insider Information” will tell you how homeschooling parents gained those skills.

The book is written to give you insight into how and why homeschooling works when you’re homeschooling a child with learning disabilities and/or giftedness. In practice, homeschooling is a lot different than you think it will be!

Sign up for my “How To Homeschool” Newsletter if you want more detailed information about getting started with homeschooling.

This particular newsletter series answers homeschool questions about how to get started homeschooling. It progresses through evaluations of your child’s learning needs. It also helps you know how to design a custom-tailored program for your child.

I am also working to published two more books about homeschooling children with learning disabilities.  I am busy writing down all I know and have learned through my last decade of homeschooling and consulting. 

My goal is to arm every parent with solid knowledge of how to develop an instructional program to educate their child successfully at home. Homeschooling truly is not as scary or as difficult as you may think!

SO with warmest regards, continue your explorations by visiting different areas of the Learning Abled Kids’ website. I recommend beginning with an evaluation of your child’s learning style(s) and reading Overcome Your Fear to answer your homeschool questions.

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