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Learning Abled Kids' OwnerSandy is a certified Life Breakthrough Coach, holds a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design, a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems and is trained in Multi-sensory instruction. Sandy has used her instructional design background to transform the lives of numerous kids with educational difficulties into awesome success stories.

Consider her as your “Educational Success Story Coach” and as your resource venue.  Together we can write an awesome Success Story for your child!

Sandy’s boys started out in public school, but the school’s incompetence left Sandy and her husband feeling desperate for learning solutions.  Sandy began seeking answers and solutions through research, training, and reading everything she could about the challenges her boys faced.

Sandy was a computer programmer by trade, but she had begun a graduate program to obtain a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design, which became a great blessing in the quest to help her sons overcome their learning challenges.

You’ll want to read Sandy’s Full Story to see just how far she was able to advance her son’s learning at home.  Sandy is not a trained teacher, but she was able to make great learning progress with her sons.

YOU can help your child overcome learning disabilities at home even if you’re not a trained teacher either.

Learning Abled Kids was born out of Sandy’s desire to make it easier for parents to help their kids.  She knows how stressful and confusing it can be to figure out what your child needs, then try to provide the right solutions.

Sandy uses her instructional design skills to figure out ways parents can create individualized programs to help their children overcome learning difficulties.

Sandy’s goal is to assist you with the process of figuring out and creating a great program for YOUR child so your child can succeed academically.  Arming yourself with the information here on Learning Abled Kids will enable you to help your child learn at home.  After all, NO ONE knows your child better than you do!

There are all kinds of things you can do at home to help your child, so feel free to dive in to to learn more about how to meet your child’s specific learning needs at home.

Sandy recommends beginning with an understanding of Multisensory Teaching and Learning Styles to help you understand how to reach and teach your child.

It’s a great adventure with unimaginably great outcomes when you believe in your child and tackle his educational needs head-on.


Linda J. says, “Sandy is one of those rare and special people who gets it. She see’s through all the negative, the miss mash and beams in on what is important.

“After receiving a confusing neuro-psych evaluation from our Neuropsychologist, I asked three separate professionals to analyze the results. Sandy’s was by far the best feedback. She “got” my daughter and described her to the T.

“Sandy’s feedback consisted of 4 (to the point) pages analyzing what the 50 page report meant. She even discovered inconsistencies of the evaluators own analysis of his evaluations. Sandy recommended resources, books, links, articles all guided me toward how my daughter thinks and the best ways to teach her.

“I believe Sandy’s guidance has helped me make choices that will not only maximize my daughters potential but give her a feeling of being connected, happy and fulfilled.”

Aimee G. says, “Sandra is one of the best educators I have ever met. She has extensive experience working with students who deal with all sorts of learning “challenges”… after knowing Sandra, I would not for a minute ever call them “disabilities” again. She has the skill, background, and experience to thrive in any job in this field, however she possesses a quality more important than all of that: tenacity. Sandra sees the potential in each child and she DOES NOT QUIT on that child. She sees potential where others see limitation, and because of that she is able to give each student a vision for what he can accomplish and then she helps him achieve even greater things than that. She not only thrives, but she causes students to thrive as well, where others would watch them falter. I could not imagine a greater advocate for any student than Sandra Cook.”

Carol S. says, “I’ve known Sandra for many years through our advocacy for our own children and as a fellow GA Advocacy Office PLSP participant. She is a terrific advocate, very knowledgeable, highly compassionate and is doing great and important work in the disability community. She offers parents on the GA Children’s Network sound advice and I’m proud to call her my friend!”

In closing, it is important for you to light the fire of learning in your child, and to make sure your child is taught with compassion and encouragement.

The difference between focusing on your child’s ABilities rather than DISabilities, is nothing short of amazing. Belief in your child’s abilities and strengths can dramatically change the life of your child.

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