If your child is behind academically, you MUST do something!


Are you afraid your child is losing educational ground and may never catch up??

Maybe your kids are in public school like mine were for during elementary school. Maybe you’ve been homeschooling and are finding your kids aren’t making the same kind of learning progress as everyone else’s kids seem to be making.

Unfortunately, if the education your child has received to date has not been working, it won’t suddenly start working unless YOU do something, and that can be frustrating, overwhelming and downright scary.  I know.  I’ve been there!

Whether you’ve been homeschooling for awhile and you question whether you’re just a bad teacher, you’re doing something wrong, or your child has a learning disability (All you really know is everybody else’s child is going to be the next nuclear scientist and your child still can’t read (or do math.. or write a sentence).
OR -
Your child is in a traditional school, struggling with basic academic skills, and you’re wondering why the school isn’t teaching your child what he needs to know,

I can help you! I’ve been through the battles with the school system (and felt like I was beating my head on the wall while bound in red tape!), and I’ve homeschooled my guys to overcome their learning challenges.

Whatever your situation is, you’re probably worried or scared!  When your child is struggling to learn to read, write, or work basic math problems, it can be frustrating at best and downright scary when you think about the long-term issues your child may have if he never learns the academic basics. I’ve been there and I’ve worried that!

LET ME TELL YOU … YOU Can change things for your Child!

Whether your child is in public or private school, or if your child is homeschooled, YOU can be THE person to change your child’s educational outcome. Seriously, you’re here looking for a reason.. You KNOW there has to be SOMETHING that can be done.. and guess what? YOU CAN DO IT!

Learning Abled Kids is home of “Do Something” to help your child learn, especially if your child has a learning disability!

Precisely WHAT needs to be done is what you’ll need to discover, but once you identify what needs to be done you’ll have three choices:

1) Go after your school like a momma bear, waving the IDEA Laws and demanding an adequate and appropriate education for your child,

2) Start hiring private providers to fill in the gaps with proven remedial programs,

3) Do it yourself. You CAN help your child at home when you’re armed with the right information and proven programs, whether you provide part-time help in addition to traditional school, or whether you choose to immerse your child in a proven educational program at home.

I’ve taken all three steps, from going through the Georgia Advocacy Office’s Parent Leadership Support Program to learn about special education advocacy, to advocating at my child’s school, hiring professionals to provide instruction I didn’t think I could handle, to ultimately doing it myself.

Here’s the deal:

I know you can do this too–you can help your child overcome learning disabilities. I did it. Other parents have done it. It CAN be done. You just need to know where to start!

Three TOP steps to take:

1) Obtain a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation from a highly qualified neuropsychologist so you KNOW what learning challenges are preventing your child from learning;

2) Find PROVEN programs to address each cognitive process that affects your child’s learning and then provide those programs one way or another;

3) Determine your child’s learning style so you can be sure to teach your child in the way that he learns as an individual. When it comes to education, one size never fits all, so you have to find the right kind of teaching to reach your child’s mind.

SO.. DIVE IN! Sign up for our Tips List, then use the “You May Also Like” menu or site index to find information about identifying your child’s specific learning needs and proven programs to help meet your child’s specific needs.

If you’re going to do battle with your child’s school, arm yourself with the information in the free IEP training. There’s a free Multi-sensory instruction tutorial too, which can help you figure out how to teach your child based upon his specific learning style.

You may also like the “Special Education Guidebook for Parents of Children with Specific Learning Disabilities.”

THANK YOU for being a champion for your child!! Your child may not thank you now, but he will when he’s an adult. I THANK YOU for being an awesome parent for your child, and the world thanks you for doing your best to raise your child to be a viable adult. Plainly put: You’re AWESOME!

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  1. I would love some recommendations as I am getting ready to home school my 3 autistic children starting this next year. My big issue right now is on the required testing at the end of every three years as required by the state of Georgia. I can not seem to get anyone to help direct me to this type of information and although I feel like I can be successful in teaching them I am concerned that if I do not find this information I will be in trouble. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Jessilynn, The testing requirement can be fulfilled by you or anyone else you can find to administer a test. Typically homeschoolers use the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) or the Stanford-10. Many of the homeschooling co-ops offer testing services each year, so if you join a group in your area, they can probably tell you who does testing in your area. If you plan to test your own children, you have to have a B.S. Degree, and you can get the tests from https://www.bjupress.com/testing/. Hope that helps!

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