Oct 012013
Improve Your Child's Slow Work Speed with Assistive Technology

A slow work speed means it can take your child forever to complete a lesson or his homework. In researching proven solutions to improve slow work speed when completing school work, I found this cool little mid-tech assistive technology gadget: The Learning Resources Time Tracker Mini How can this be used to increase your child’s work […]

Aug 012013
Graphic Organizers & Mind Mapping for Visual Learners

What are Graphic Organizers and Mind Mapping? Mind Mapping and Graphic Organizers are two ways for visually representing ideas. When your child is trying to organize ideas for a writing assignment or project, using one of these tools can help him figure out what he wants to say. Mind Mapping software provides visual layouts and connections […]

May 082013
College Students with Learning Disabilities Accommodations

College Students with Learning Disabilities SO your child has made it through high school! It’s awesome when our kids are supported well enough (as they SHOULD BE) to make it to college. However, that doesn’t mean making it to college will enable your child to make it through college. Whether your child has ADHD, dyslexia, […]