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DO you need a Writing program for Dysgraphia?
Do you need a visual and/or hands-on method for teaching writing skills to your child?

Recommended homeschooling writing programs for children who struggle with writing, written expression or dysgraphia

Can you teach your child at home? YES! When your child has learned to write letters with proper formation, spacing, and with relative ease, you will undoubtedly want to develop his writing skills more fully. This section will help you explore the options for home remediation through inexpensive writing programs and to help your child overcome a dislike for writing.

Dysgraphia and Written Expression Difficulties

Are you unsure whether your child has dysgraphia? Does your child reverse numbers and letters, have trouble with spacing, letter size, writing straight, or hate writing? These symptoms may indicate your child has a developmental problem called is dysgraphia, and/or may have fine motor difficulties that contribute to difficulty with writing. This page will help you learn more about dysgraphia.

Handwriting Programs for a Child with Dysgraphia

The writing programs recommended in this section are designed to help you teach the skill of handwriting using incremental and simple teaching methods. If your child has fine motor skills delays, it may be beneficial to seek Occupational Therapy services, however there are several good writing programs for working with your child at home.

writing programs

Grammar, Spelling and Language Arts programs for children with learning disabilities

Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other matters of mechanics are important for helping your child convey his or her thoughts well. This section provides information on writing programs suitable for teaching these skills to your child.

Writing Assistive Technology for Children who have Dysgraphia

For any child that struggles with writing, whether from handwriting or difficulties with composition, using assistive technology can enable a child to stay on grade level in other content-based subjects. Since you are homeschooling your learning abled child, you have the ability to easily implement and use assistive technology to help your child. You might also want to check out this brief guide to assistive technology for children with dysgraphia.
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