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Learning Abled Kids’ Individualized Education Plan Coaching Services

Are you trying to figure out what to do or how to help your child progress educationally?

I can offer you my VIP Individualized Education Plan Coaching service to help you get your child on the right educational track. You can set your child up for learning success and a life without limits.

What the Learning Abled Kids’ VIP coaching service can do for you:

I have a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design, which I took advantage of when designing homeschool programs to help my boys successfully overcome their learning challenges. I’ve helped numerous other parents do the same, and I can help you create a great educational plan for your child.

I will help you evaluate your child’s learning needs, cognitive strengths, cognitive weaknesses, your child’s learning style, etc. Then, I will coach you through the creation of an educational plan that will create your child’s own educational success story. (If you need some encouragement, be sure to read Our Educational Success Story.)

I will help you understand what your child’s evaluation report means. Together, with what you know about your child and with our understanding of the evaluation data, we will work together to create a great plan for providing an effective education for your child.

Our goal together is to help your child learn in spite of any learning disability, to remediate any disability-related difficulties, and to set your child up to live a No Limits Life.

How the Learning Abled Kids’ VIP Coaching service works:

The first step in creating an individualized education plan for your child is for you to fully understand your child’s learning needs. Therefore, in the beginning, I will need your child to complete the learning styles evaluation at: www.learningstyles.net. I’ll send you some VIP forms to fill out that help me understand your situation and your child better.

Then, you will send me a copy of the learning styles report, the filled out VIP forms, and copies of all evaluation data you have for your child along with payment (you can send payment in full, or the first of three installments, with each payment due prior to the scheduled coaching session (either bi-weekly or monthly).)

When I receive the information, I will read over everything you send. I’ll make detailed notes pertaining to your child’s learning needs and gems of information I find that will help you improve learning outcomes for your child.

After I’ve analyzed everything, I’ll talk with you at length. I’ll walk you through your child’s evaluation report. That way you will understand what the evaluation information means. Understanding your own child’s report will help you make wise adjustments to your child’s learning plan over time or if you get an updated evaluation for your child at any time in the future.

Your understanding of the information is also critical for helping us brainstorm ways to help your child learn effectively.

Together, we’ll discuss and decide upon a plan for helping your child. You’ll learn how to find the right types of programs for your child. Together, we’ll make a plan for the order in which you will help your child with various issues, and we’ll develop an overall educational plan to take your child from where he is today to where you want him to be. We’ll also discover what types of assistive technology would help your child learn more easily.

For each child, I say to myself, “IF this were my child, what would I do?” then I make suggestions for how you can help your child based upon my years of experience. These are always JUST SUGGESTIONS. You can decide what YOU want to do, since you know your child better than anyone, including me. Know with confidence that I will help you create the absolute best plan we can create for your individual child.

Learning Abled Kids’ VIP IEP Disclaimers:

The plan will be the BEST plan you can create based upon the information you have and based upon what you know about your child’s individual learning needs. If information is left out of your child’s learning history, then the gaps in information will create holes in the planning. Therefore, it is critical for you to gather, consider, and provide as much information as you can.

As with any plan, the effectiveness of the plan WILL BE highly variable depending upon how diligently you work with your child or whether you can get your child’s IEP team to agree to provide the needed services. Success also depends upon whether the right adjustments are made to your child’s plan as your child grows and learns. It will also depend upon how well you, or a teacher, can work with your child, and other variables.

A plan is only as good as its implementation. The VIP plan will also need to be changed over time. You need to have periodic evaluations of your child’s progress to determine the need for plan adjustments. Adjustments need to be made based upon progress your child is making.

Success also depends upon whether the correct adjustments are made as needed. There is no guaranteed outcome for an individualized education plan because there is significant variation in each family’s diligence when it comes to plan implementation and making needed adjustments.

A Comprehensive Evaluation is Required

In order for me to help you properly, you must have a comprehensive neuro-psychological evaluation report (or two). A report is necessary to determine the types of programs your child needs, to figure out how he or she learns best, and to create a workable education plan.

If you don’t have a comprehensive evaluation report, then we can only guess about what your child needs. Therefore, without a comprehensive learning evaluation I can’t really help you develop a better plan. I don’t know your child as well as you do. You can probably “guess” better than anyone else. 😉

Therefore, if you have at least one comprehensive neuro-psychological evaluation report, then I can help you create a solid plan for your child. The evaluation report probably provides a solid foundation for figuring out how to teach your child effectively with a minimal amount of guessing.

Also sometimes moms ask me, “How long will it take for my child to be able to (read, write, memorize math facts, etc.)?” That is a question that I cannot answer because, again, the diligence of working is highly variable from family-to-family. The academic engagement between parent and child varies widely from family-to-family, and the ability of any individual parent to follow through with proper implementation of any program varies widely.

To a large extent, the success of your child is up to YOU. I can coach you through the development of a solid Individualized Education Plan. I can help you know what to work on first and what to work on next. I can point you to programs that might be better to use with your child and suggest assistive technologies that will help your child learn.

The implementation, overall success, and making planning adjustments over time are up to you.

Learning Abled Kids’ VIP Individualized Educational Plan Coaching Guaranty:

During our scheduled VIP coaching term, you can ask as many questions as you’d like to understand your child’s evaluation results and the planning process. After we finish our coaching sessions, you’ll have 30 days to ask me any clarification questions you may have regarding the plan via email.

If I receive your child’s evaluation data and find it is insufficient for developing a viable plan, I will give you a full refund. (Sometimes a client receives a poorly written report such that the information is lacking in scope and depth for viable educational planning. In such cases, I’d rather return your coaching fees to you and allow you to seek a better evaluation.)

If your child’s evaluation data is comprehensive enough to provide you with meaningful planning, I will invest a significant amount of time in analysis and coaching for you on behalf of your child. During the time I am analyzing your child’s Individualized Educational Plan coaching, I will be solely dedicated to coaching you and understanding your child’s needs.

Therefore, once coaching begins, only half of the coaching fee will be refundable. When my analysis of your child’s learning is completed, presented, and we’ve discussed your child’s evaluation information, there will be no refund due to the significant amount of time I will have dedicated to understanding your child’s learning needs.

Why YOU ROCK as a Learning Abled Kids’ Parent:

I would love to add, the fact that you are seeking better outcomes for your child and you are involved in your child’s education means you are well AHEAD of many families. YOUR child is LUCKY to have YOU as his mom and advocate. I applaud you for being here! I LOVE working with inspired, involved moms who are seeking super solutions for their learning abled kids.

If you’re interested in learning more about V.I.P. Individualized Educational Plan Coaching Service, please feel to email me at:
home school contact
I’m honored to have the opportunity to help you help your child.

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