Jul 312013
weather science

Whether your child loves learning about weather or you want your child to study weather science, I hope your child will love these sites. Exploring weather science through these sites can teach your child about weather in a fun, interactive way.

The sites below are ideal for auditory, visual, or audio-visual learners. However, the interactive sites should also work well for kids who are tactile learners.

Weather Science Sites for Kids to Explore:

EPA’s Global Warming Kids weather science site – Climate and the greenhouse effect are the main topics covered by this EPA site. Vocabulary pop-ups and pronunciation guides are great additions for teaching your child weather words. They will let your child accurately learn about weather concepts. Drawings will help your child if he is a visual learner. Animations are available too, but require that you have a Macromedia Flash Player on your computer.

Miami Museum of Science’s Hurricane: Storm Science – Hurricanes and killer storms are covered through interactive images. This weather science site provides online activities that will interest most elementary and middle school kids. The text is geared towards upper elementary or middle school. However, it will be enjoyed by almost any age child who wants to learn about storms. Check out their information on making a weather station too!

National Hurricane Center for Kids – The first link here provides great information for elementary aged children. However, the National Hurricane Center website also contains educational information for every level of learner. For more advanced weather science information for your older child, check out the items under the menu option “Learn About Hurricanes” on the main Hurricane Center website.

NOAA Education Weather – This site has a resource section for teachers. It also has tons of content for kids. This site has information about all forms of weather. It also has free resources that can be ordered or downloaded, and content at a variety of levels. The NOAA offers a “Weather School“. It also offers a “Storm Watch Center” which will help your child understand weather prediction.

The Weather Channel’s weather science blog – This blog website has all kinds of videos, photos, and articles about a wide variety of weather topics. Since it is a blog, the site is most suitable for undirected, exploration learning. The topics are not presented in any particular order, but it’s fun to look through the article topics and look at the ones of interest. I like “8 Weird Things That Have Shown Up on Radar“!