Apr 072014

Could your child have sensory processing disorder?

Does he cover his ears in noisy environments?

Does your child fall apart emotionally after a day full of activity or travel?

This YouTube video provides a good portrayal of the difficulties faced by a child who has a sensory processing disorder. Watch it to understand how your child feels (video opens in new window).

sensory processing disorder Overload Simulation

Do you wonder what you can do to help your child overcome his sensory processing disorder?

Solutions some parents use, depending upon the child’s tolerance level, include:

  • Ear plugs
  • Soft ear muffs
  • Buy seamless socks (they make such a thing!)
  • Use velcro-closure shoes for easy comfort fit
  • Allow your child to have a large blanket to form a “cocoon” for himself in a shopping cart (helps with visual over stimulation)
  • Instead of trying to run a lot of errands back-to-back, go run one errand per day (provides smaller doses of overload, which may be more tolerable for your child)
  • If your child melts down frequently at school, consider homeschooling until your child’s neurology processes better.

How do you help your child cope?
Please post your comments below to help other parents find solutions which may work for their children.