Jul 312013

Physics and motion websites and learning kits for teaching your learning abled kid.

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My Physics Lab – That is the name of the site although it’s not really a lab. This site has some physics explanatory content, but is mostly java animations of motion using various objects like springs, pendulums, roller coasters, and molecules. The similations include a point graph to show the pattern of movement within the object. The navigation is easy because your child can page through the demonstrations by using a “next” button in the upper left corner.

Your Weight on Other Worlds – Force and Gravity play a role in motion and physics. This site has explanations and an interactive activity that lets kids enter their Earth weight and see how much they weigh in other worlds. Just as much fun (but not related to motion) is the “Your Age on Other Worlds” page.

Worsley School Science’s Simple Machines – Simple explanations about simple machines with excellent graphics. The page is readable too, so you can use it to study physics. This site also has great teacher resources and excellent science files.


Science Master’s Gravity and Inertia – The front page has an explanation of gravity and inertia. By choosing the activity, the student can try to land a module on a planet’s surface. It’s a demonstration of the affect gravity has upon the craft. It is very difficult to land the module, but fun to try over and over again. (I have yet to land without crashing!). Your child will enjoy this simple physics activity while learning about these concepts.

Siltec’s Physics Mechanics – Animations of motion in the universe. Each concept has a page to explain the motion, and an animation of the motion for visual understanding. This site further explores physics through optics, waves, and thermodynamics. You do have to use a Windows media player or similar software to view the animations.