Jan 172013

Person with Disability : Nick Vujicic

story of person with disability

This morning a friend of mine shared a video with me. The video focuses on a man, Nick Vujicic, with profound physical disabilities–he was born without arms or legs. Nick says he felt worthless as a young boy and became suicidal. 

Nick credits his parents with always giving him a message of love, truth, and hope. If you can instill these three things into your child, you can help save your child from heartache the world my try to lay upon them. Being a person with disability issues doesn’t have to define a child’s success at all.

As a parent who saw my child belittled and devalued by others, homeschooling was a way of rescuing him from the low self-image he was adopting for his self.  My son became depressed and had very low self-esteem as described here: http://www.learningabledkids.com/articles_about_homeschooling/overcoming_learning_disabilities_through_homeschooling.htm
I shudder to think of what our outcome would have been had I not believed in my son. I treated him with the love and respect he deserved, encouraged him to embrace his strengths, and given him hope that he could be or do anything he wanted. Every child–Your child–deserves no less! Don’t let being a person with disability issues to overcome define your child’s future.

The video also includes the message that God and Jesus can lift a person up in any circumstance.  Nick Vujicic says, “You can either be angry for what you don’t have, or be thankful for what you do have.  Do your best and God will do the rest.” There is an explicit Christian message in the video, so if you are easily offended by messages of faith, you might want to bypass watching the video. Otherwise, it is a very inspiring video to watch–uplifting in every way and encouraging to anyone whose circumstances have made them low on hope.

Inspirational Video Clip Person with Disability : Nick Vujicic’s story

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