Aug 012013

You can make money from home while homeschooling.

You can use your skills and your unique life experiences, interests and hobbies, to develop a successful online business. Ordinary moms like you CAN make money from home by selling information on the Internet or selling products from home.

This website, as well as my website have helped me make money from home while homeschooling.

I truly believe ANYONE can make money from home.

If you’re the least bit able to use computers, you can create an income-earning online business. All you need is the right education and tools.

Below, I have listed resources to help you create your own online business and make money from home.  I got started by purchasing some good eBooks about creating an AFFILIATE business for little to no money

I have a couple of homeschooling friends who run an eBay business. They make money from home by selling things on eBay, so I’ve included a couple of eBooks about eBay Businesses.

The specific products I when I started to make money from home are no longer available, but the options listed below could be good alternatives.

The BEST thing about having your own online business is that it can generate ongoing income to pad your family’s budget. The money you make from home increases over time as you continue to grow your business.

Here are some recommended resources to make money from home ONLINE:

make money from home

I specifically recommend starting with Chris Guillebeau’s “The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future,” which is a great book about starting on a shoestring and thinking outside of the box when considering business opportunities.

These days, it’s really easy to start a successful business on eBay.  If nothing else, selling all of your used curricula on eBay can help you pay for the next years’ books.  Check out great books about starting a successful eBay Business here.

Start your own Stock Photography business.  There are a lot of great books about digital rights, what stock agencies are looking for, and how you can sell your work. The Photographer’s Quick Guide to Earning Money From Your Photos is one of the highest rated, popular books on Amazon.

Home Profit based businesses – Start Making Real Money Today – From The Comfort Of Your Own Home. There are a lot of different resources that list Work at Home Opportunities.  I have read over several lists to see how my skills match with different opportunities and decided to use my technical skills to start this website.

How To Start & Run An Internet Business – Easy Step-by-step Guide Shows How To Put Your Business On The Internet. Learn how to become an Internet Entrepreneur.

Kindle Money Mastery – Writers With Little To No Experience Can Learn Fast How To Make A Living Writing. This program will show you how to figure out what to write about, write the book, and self-publish the book. This step-by-step program is really easy to understand and use. The teaching videos are easy to follow and if you do the steps after each video, then you will have a book in short order! Keyword Articles, Ghostwriting, Blogging, Press Releases And Many More Types Of Writing Are Covered.  You can become a freelance writer and sell your work in any number of markets after reading how-to books from Amazon.

Make money from home selling REAL Products!

There are also MANY options for moms to sell items from home. Some of the businesses I know moms use to make money from home include:

  • AvoCare
  • Avon
  • *Barefoot Books
  • *Discovery Toys
  • It Works
  • Mary Kay Makeup
  • NuSkin
  • Premier Jewelry
  • Origami Owl
  • Pampered Chef
  • PartyLite
  • Scentsy
  • Tastefully Simple
  • Tupperware
  • *Usborne Books

*A FAVORITE of Homeschooling Moms

I’m SURE there are a LOT more options for home-based selling. These are just the ones I know about from friends who have their own at-home business.

I wish you the ALL THE BEST in your quest to make money from home!