Jul 102013

Kwanzaa is a holiday full of rich heritage with Activities for Kwanza that are both fun and educational.  It is a great holiday for families to study to understand family traditions and values.

It is also a great cross-cultural study for families who do not personally celebrate Kwanzaa, but who want to better understand the African peoples in our world.  This holiday is rich with cultural heritage, meaning, and tradition. The symbolic crafts that many children will enjoy creating are great Activities for Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa is also a great visual, hands-on learning season for children who excel in creativity.  Studying Kwanzaa and creating crafts from what you learn will provide an outlet from typical schoolwork.

During Kwanzaa season, you can teach your child about the history of the holiday, let her learn by doing, and get away from traditional academics.  Let your child create her own book about the Kwanzaa holiday and about the history of African people. Let your child use activities for Kwanzaa to demonstrate an understanding of the rich heritage in the African culture.

For the study of Kwanzaa, You may find these sites helpful as study aids:

For more information about Kwanzaa’s history and the meaning of the holiday, visit: