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What is an IEP? Training Course Description

This course is designed to familiarize parents with Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

This “What is an IEP?” training will answer questions like:

What information is supposed to be included in an IEP?
What requirements are there for each section of an IEP?
How do you write each section properly?

In order to have your child’s needs met, each section of an IEP is important for defining your child’s abilities, learning needs, and the expected educational outcome.

What is an IEP?

IEPs are like a contract with the school defining required aspects of your child’s education. As such, it is important that IEPs be carefully written.

All IEP team members should remain mindful that they are planning your child’s “Path to Success” and lowering expectations only harms your child’s future.

IEP sections covered in this course are Present Levels of Performance, Goals & Objectives, Supports & Services, Accomodations & Modifications, Measures of Progress, and Placement. Each of these sections is required to share specific information which will help teachers provide your individual child with an appropriate education.

It is equally important that expectations and measurements of success are not watered down to minimize the school’s responsibility for your child’s education.

Beyond this course explaining, “What is an IEP?” you’ll want to check out the FREE, online Special Education Guidebook for Educationally Involved Parents of Children with LDs for parents. The guidebook will equip you with the information you need to properly advocate for your child.

Special education can be great or horrible, depending upon your school administrations mindset towards kids with learning disabilities.

If you’re wondering, “What is an IEP?” you might find it interesting to visit the Government’s IDEA website. You can also search for examples of IEP forms for different states on Google images.

There is a wide variety of forms and formats, but all required components should be evident in each IEP.

If you complete this course by navigating forward to the end, you will know what those required components are and how they are supposed to document your child’s needs.

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