Nov 052013

Your How To Homeschool FAQs Answered:

For Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities or Twice Exceptional Abilities

After a decade of homeschooling my own learning abled kids and consulting with other parents who are crying “Help!” I decided it was time to write an easy reference for you.

If you’re feeling like I was when I was new to homeschooling, I felt like I was asking “too many How To Homeschool questions.”

As a potential homeschooler who is just starting to realize your child has learning disabilities, “How To Homeschool Your Learning Abled Kid: 75 Questions AnsweredHow To Homeschool Your Learning Abled Kid” will answer many of your questions about homeschooling a child with learning disabilities.

The book contains the top How To Homeschool questions I’ve been asked repeatedly over the past decade as the leader of the Learning Abled Kids’ Support Group. Our group has more than 1500 members, so that’s a lot of questions!

So, fear not.. Your How To Homeschool questions are probably similar to, or the same as, many other homeschooling parents who have opted to homeschool their learning abled kids.

If you have specific questions, check out the table of contents using the “Look Inside” feature of the book to see if your questions are answered. Hopefully the answers to your How To Homeschoolquestions are in there, and the book will be a helpful resource to you.

What this book WILL tell you..

How To Homeschool Your Learning Abled Kid: 75 Questions Answered” will point you towards a large number of resources that can help you in homeschooling your learning abled kid.

The book will inform you about the wide variety of evaluations you should consider, how to find highly qualified evaluators, why evaluations are important, and what to do if you can’t afford an evaluation.

How To Homeschool Your Learning Abled Kid: 75 Questions Answered” will help you figure out how to teach your child based upon your child’s evaluation reports, point you to resources for determining the specific learning needs for your child, and will teach you what to search for in locating the right curricula for teaching your child.

This book will also point you towards different types of curricula and resources for effectively teaching your child based upon common disability categories. It will provide tips for managing a variety of issues you may face while homeschooling your learning abled kid.

How To Homeschool Your Learning Abled Kid: 75 Questions Answered” will direct you towards effective tools for teaching, accommodations you can and should provide, and research-based, proven methods for teaching your child.
How To Homeschool

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What this book will NOT tell you..

This book does not provide a “must use” list of curricula for any given disability, but does offer suggestions for programs that may help with specific learning disabilities.

The book’s focus is on helping you figure out what your child needs rather than giving “one size fits all” solutions that seldom meet the needs of every learner.

Your child is unique, as you already know, so finding a unique solution that meets the learning needs of your child is your goal.

Because children have widely varied learning styles and learning needs, the book takes an approach towards helping you narrow down the choices.  “How To Homeschool Your Learning Abled Kid: 75 Questions Answered” provides suggested resources for specific learning disabilities your child may have. If the suggested resources don’t meet your child’s specific needs, hopefully I’ve provided enough information to enable you to find an effective program for your child.

Also, the 50 states all have different laws so, “How To Homeschool Your Learning Abled Kid: 75 Questions Answered does not list the specific details regarding what you have to do to homeschool legally in your individual state. However, the book does tell you precisely how to find the information you need.  The book also DOES provide information and resources for complying with a wide variety of legal schooling and reporting requirements.

Similarly, “How To Homeschool Your Learning Abled Kid: 75 Questions Answered” does not tell you exactly what to teach your child at each grade level because that would be a book all by itself.  However, the book does direct you to free resources on the Internet that you can use to know what to teach your child at every grade level.

Being Certain About Your Choice To Homeschool Your Learning Abled Kid

How To HomeschoolIf you’re still unsure about whether homeschooling is the right choice for your learning abled kid, then “Overcome Your Fear of Homeschooling” is a great book for helping you know exactly what you’re in for. Homeschooling is not a choice made lightly by any parent, and it is difficult to feel comfortable about the unknowns in homeschooling.

Overcome Your Fear of Homeschooling” is based upon the fears I had, and which many parents have, coming into homeschooling. The book examines the fears and explains the realities after a decade of homeschooling and looking back to see where my fears were unfounded, and where the fears were a reality and how we coped with issues we faced.

Homeschooing a Learning Abled Kid is a unique challenge, and it is more difficult to find homeschoolers that can relate to your specific challenges. Thus, I don’t want you to feel like you are traveling that road alone because there are hundreds of other parents homeschooling similarly challenged children. “Overcome Your Fear of Homeschooling” helps you connect with those who can help you travel this unique, and ultimately rewarding road towards education.