Apr 172014

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Free Learning Resources: Phonemic Awareness resources for working with kids with dyslexia

Phoneme Tile sheets for lamination and phoneme practice You can print this sheet, laminate it, and then cut the tiles out to use for letter-sound manipulation. Specifically these are great to use with an Orton-Gillingham based reading program.

Phoneme Checklist for tracking Phonemic Awareness mastery – As you teach your child to read, you can use this checklist to track your child’s progress.

Sight Word Flashcards – print on 10-per-sheet perforated business card stock You can print these cards on heavy card stock, then cut them out and use them like regular flash cards. You can laminate them if you want a heavier, more durable card.

Free Learning Resources: Math Grid Paper

Small Grid Paper for Math Problem Alignment – Depending upon your child’s handwriting, you may want to pick this small grid, or the medium or large grids below. These sheets are great for teaching a child how to line up math problems that require multi-digit addition, subtraction, and multiplication. They can also be used for division if needed.

Medium Grid Paper for Math Problem Alignment

Large Grid Paper for Math Problem Alignment

One Page Homework Organizer – Used for tracking your child’s homework in each subject. This is helpful if your child is in public school and easily loses track of his assignments.