Aug 012013

Daily Interactive Vocabulary Games make learning vocabulary words FUN!

Learning vocabulary comes pretty easily to most kids if you’re not going to formally drill words. The best way to learn vocabulary words is to use words in-context. If your child hears a word and asks, “What does that mean?” and you explain the meaning at that moment, that is a teachable moment. Using those natural opportunities to explain words is what works best for building a child’s vocabulary.

Did you know that kids’ level of vocabulary raises to the level of vocabulary that surrounds the child? Feel free to use BIG vocabulary words around your child. It will give you more teachable moments!

Another FUN way to build your child’s vocabulary is by playing vocabulary games based upon the meanings of words. Playing games can really help build your child’s vocabulary if you include word-learning along with the vocabulary games.

One of our most favorite games which includes a lot of potential vocabulary words is “Apples to Apples.” It isn’t a vocabulary game exactly, but if you let your child look up the words or you explain the words, then those become teachable moments where your child learns the vocabulary words’ meanings naturally.

The vocabulary games, or word-based games, that kids like include Upwords (pictured above) and Scrabblevocabulary games. You can turn ALL word-based games into vocabulary games by teaching kids the meanings of words as you play.

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