Jul 102013

About Speed Reading for Kids:

Some children with dyslexia or ADHD can learn to speed read, especially if they are highly visual learners. Often they can speed read better than typical individuals, but they do have to be able to read first. Therefore, if your child has dyslexia, start with a good, proven reading program to teach your child to read, then come back to this page.

Our Fun with Speed Reading for Kids

I HAVE to tell you that I have been amazed (truly I have) at how well and how quickly my children, with mild to severe dyslexia, have learned to speed read.

Initially, I was skeptical.. VERY skeptical.. when I read that children with dyslexia can often learn how to speed read better than typical readers. I wrote to George Stancliffe of the **American Speed Reading Project and found him to be encouraging and sincere.

The cost of the American Speed Reading Project’s program, “Speed Reading 4 Kids“, is relatively inexpensive, so it is well worth a try if your child can read above a third grade level. A complimentary copy of this program was sent to me and we found it to be nothing short of amazing.

My children, who have mild to significant dyslexia, can read a 200 page chapter book in ten to fifteen minutes with amazing retention and recall. Children with dyslexia, being visual learners, often do better than typical children in this program.

Becoming speed readers has been a great esteem builder for my children as well. By reading so quickly and so well, they can amaze and entertain their friends, read more than I ever dreamed they could, and they use their speed reading skills at will.

I have found that my children still use slower, more purposeful reading for their textbooks, but they enjoy speed reading for magazines, newspapers, books at the library, etc.

You can’t use Speed Reading 4 Kids effectively until your child has learned to read at or above a third-grade level, but once your child has mastered basic reading skills, I highly recommend giving this program a try. Teaching your child this skill will help them tremendously throughout life.

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